Little Miss Muffet

 Today, the preschool student practiced acting out a simple nursery rhyme. They were engaged, developed a sense of story, could identify characters and were even able to discuss the beginning, middle and end! What an engaging way to practice comprehending a simple nursery rhyme!  
Little Miss Muffet sat on her Tuffet

Eating her curds and whey…

  Along came a spider  
That sat down beside her…   
And frightened Miss Muffet away!

Another Day in Elementary

This morning in studio time with Miss Jessie we practiced our voice, body and mind awareness exercises. We started with tongue twisters to get our voices prepared, mirroring each other for our body awareness and finished with an activity where we all held hands. During the activity, Miss Jessie squeezes one student’s hand and the squeeze gets passed all the way around the circle, centering our focus and concentration. After our morning exercises we were ready to start our day!
  One important part of our Literacy time is to share student writing. Today we celebrated several students for using what we taught in our focus lessons in their writing.

 The exciting news in Literacy is that we have begun to study Graphic Novels! In one group, we are learning about what a graphic novel is through the use of Nursery Rhymes. Today the focus was on Humpty Dumpty. Our other groups were exploring different books to determine what constitutes a graphic novel.
   In our afternoon we finished our classroom pledge! Ask your child to sing it to you! This is a really important part of our classroom community. We create a song together that shares what it is to be a part of our class. We will sing this every morning as a reminder of our expectations throughout our day.

 As part of an introduction to our inquiry topic of Bridges, we are creating a mural. Each student was given a very small piece of a much larger picture. The students worked to blow up their smaller picture to a full size sheet of construction paper. When we are all finished with our artwork we will put all of our individual art together. Students enjoyed opportunities to collaborate with one another and practice working with different art mediums.

Helpful Reminders for Elementary Families

We are looking forward to an exciting year after such a great first day with your child(ren). We wanted to give some gentle reminders of our policies and procedures as we begin our year:

– No hot lunch the first week of school as we prepare our hot lunch menu with Fresh Ideas.
– Send a water bottle for use of the Culligan machine.
– Extra shoes to be worn outside on the playground.
– Please complete and return the Family Information Form.

First Day of a New School Year!

It was a beautiful day to begin a new day of a new school year. Students arrived eager to learn, share their summer adventures, and explore their new classroom. Below are some snapshots throughout the day!

  Introductions and the name game was very exciting!

  Mrs. Clifton introduced the Imagination Station to our class. We can use this area to get inspired for writing and throughout the day.

  Ms. Vonder Haar taught a focus lesson on what our Draftbook Expectations are during literacy.

  Ms. Vonder Haar helped us to write a Classroom Pledge. So far we have decided that we will use the tune of Stayin’ Alive.

  Studio time with Miss Jessie to get our voice, body, and mind focused.

Open House


The teachers are ready to welcome everyone back at our open house.  You are welcome to come by anytime between 8:00 a.m.-4:00 p.m. on August 18th.  Come meet your teachers and see the classroom!

Summer Break

Stephens College Children’s School is currently on summer break.  Please mark your calendars for August 18th when we will have our open house.  This is a time for your child to come and visit the classroom before school starts.  It will begin at 8:00 a.m. and ends at 4:00 p.m.

Our first day of school will be August 24th!

We hope everyone is having a wonderful break!

Poetry Slam

We started off our last week of school with a very successful Poetry Slam! The students all had the opportunity to stand in front of their peers and parents to share their writing. We heard poems about fruit, feelings, family, and many two person poems as well.  IMG_3217




























Peace Park and The Columbia Art League

Today the weather cooperated with us and we were able to take a beautiful walk through downtown Columbia. We brought sketch pads and sat at Peace Park where we got to practice drawing landscapes. After enjoying our snacks outside on this perfect day we walked over to the Columbia Art League. We were greeted by a Stephens College graduate named Karen who shared information about the Columbia Art League and the currently featured artwork in the gallery. The artwork on display right now is all inspired by the theme of FEAST. The students were respectful and safe and enjoyed seeing local artwork. We shared our knowledge about Paul Cezanne, Vincent van Gogh and Claude Monet and different types of painting such as a still-life and a landscape. We are excited to continue our study of Art History this week!IMG_3159








Thursday Showcase

 We had our last Kindergarten/First Grade/Roxaboxen Showcase this morning.  The energy was high and students enjoyed observing each table.  Eleanor had under the sea figurines.   Jonah brought Dinosaurology.   Abe had magnetic shapes.  Avery brought a variety of stuffed animals.  Jeanne shared her puppy.      Olivia brought in another kind of puppy.  Eden shared My Little Ponies.  Ellie had Snap Circuits.  The train Ana brought was a hit!  CeCe shared a Hello Kitty with a baseball shirt.  Hot potato was played by all with Madison.  Elliott shared his own journal and had a pencil sketch of Starry Night.  Logan had a Star Wars figurine.    Beatrice had beautiful art work about mermaids.   Evelyn was in an article about her Grandpa and his artwork. Bri showed us real gold in a bottle and the story of King Midas.

We are sad that was our last showcase of the school year, but look forward to many more in the future!