What’s Your Job?

Thursday, April 24 the students in the Roxaboxen classroom dressed up as what they want to be when they grow up.

We have a Veterinarian, Nurse, and Doctor…Grace, Eleanor, Caitlin

A Military Police Officer…Kellen


A Koala Nature Conservationist and Firefighter…Maddison and Corinne

A Dentist and Stormtrooper Astronaut…Claire and Elliott


and finally… a Fairy, of course! Kaley

Investigation Various Jobs on Campus

Today, Wonderland Preschool took a walking field trip across campus to investigate various jobs on campus…20140423-143327.jpgThe students began their trip by walking over to Stamper Commons to see what jobs they could explore.  On the way, we saw a school bus! Ms. Megan posed a question, “Are there any jobs on a school bus?”  The students quickly realized that a bus driver was a type of occupation.20140423-143344.jpgAlso on our walk, we stopped on the bridge to see if we could find cab drivers, policeman, fireman, ambulances, etc.20140423-143356.jpgOur first stop was Susie’s, Stephen’s Campus Store.  The students asked the worker many questions.  They discovered that part of her job was to order all of the clothes and food for the college students.  Without her, the store would be empty!20140423-143409.jpgShe showed the students how her cash register and computer worked.20140423-143442.jpgOur next stop was the Campus Post Office.20140423-143451.jpgThe worker at the post office explained that his job was to make sure all the students got their mail.  He was also in charge of stamping letters and sorting mail to make sure it goes to the right place.20140423-143503.jpgHere he is… hard work and delivering mail!20140423-143527.jpgOur final stop was the President’s Office.  We were pretty bummed because she wasn’t there…20140423-143548.jpgBut, as we started to leave, she came around the corner!  The students were excited to see her.  They were able to ask what her job was.  She explained that she answers EVERYONE’S questions on campus.  She even explained that she had a student ask her today if they could have a bonfire on her front lawn!20140423-143614.jpgAnd of course, When the students come to visit Dr. Dianne, they never leave empty handed! 20140423-143625.jpg2 hands = 2 pieces of candy!20140423-143733.jpgAs we headed back across campus to school, we found one more worker…20140423-144013.jpgMr. Richard is a Project Manager at Stephens.  He was currently measuring different areas on campus to add more flower beds!


Continuation of Clusters!


In the Plants Cluster, they were privileged to meet Mrs. Vonder Haar (Ms. Vonder Haar’s mother). She read The Little Red Hen and shared how many plants can be transplanted in different ways.  They planted jade- a plant that you can take cuttings of and put directly into a mixture of sand and potting mix that will grow roots.  The planted spider plants- a plant that shoots out a stem from the center and regenerates a whole new plant! They also planted Yarn Long Red Noodle Beans and made predictions on how many days they will take to sprout.









The Homes Cluster is busy creating the elements of their home. The brick walls, the flat roof, the couch, the chair, the fish tank, the writing tablet with feather and ink, the carpet, and even a recliner. Feel free to see their dream in the Sunroom.20140422-160448.jpg



In the Harlem Renaissance Cluster students were busy reading their scripts for their Readers Theater. Afterwards they conducted Philosophical Questions. This is similar to a debate. Instead, the teacher reads a proposed situation from the era. Then the students choose to sit in a chair signifying if they agree, strongly agree, disagree, or strongly disagree. After they have chosen their opinion (chair) the student  is able to share with the group why they made their decision. 20140422-160510.jpg20140422-160014.jpg20140422-160444.jpg


Discovering Jobs in Preschool

The past couple weeks, the preschool students have been discovering various jobs within their community. One job that the students have become interested in is — firefighters! To take this study one step further, we posed the question, how do firefighters get their trucks. After much discussion, we found that people use their skills to build fire trucks for the firefighters. What was our next step? All the students were able to go outside and use the large wooden blocks to construct their own fire truck. They engaged in pretend play and put out various fires on the playground.







K/1 Showcase

Happy Wednesday everyone! We started our morning off with our monthly K/1 Showcase. What an exciting morning.

Baylee brought in a nerf bow and arrow for target practice.
Finley shared her science kit.
Madison brought in materials to make a birds nest.
Lucia showed off her Tae Kwon Do skills.
Joshua made invisible ink that when heated up becomes legible.
Allie brought in Hershey’s Kisses and told us about the history of chocolate.
Alexander used baking soda, vinegar, and a balloon to show how gas expands.
Michael K. brought in a car track and showed us how he can make the car do a flip.
Abe studied snakes. He explained how long the sleep, how often they shed their skin, and how they can swim.
Beatrice brought in unicorns and told the legend behind their existence.
Calder brought in a book and a model of the earth’s core.
Karli brought in her doll collection.
Syler shared artifacts and photos from his recent visit to Jamaica.

New Cluster Topics

Today we began new Cluster topics. Everyone was excited to get started.

In the Homes Cluster students discussed what the word “home” meant to them and why they are important. Later they decided what kind of home they wanted to study. Some chose tropical, castles, and house boats. In the afternoon, students drew their own homes. After sharing their plans, they collectively decided which components to include in their own life size construction of their home. Future building site: sunroom.




In the Harlem Renaissance Cluster students dove right into the new topic by studying a person of their interest. Some of these people include: Duke Ellington, Jackie Robinson, and Langston Hughes.





In the Plants Cluster, students have been busy naming their new class pets (3 fish), learning the parts of a plant, making their own diagram of a plant, and watching a video on how to grow a plant.






Weather Walk in Wonderland

Today, the students finished up their weather unit by taking a walk across Stephen’s Campus and making some observations about the weather. They noticed it was a little bit cloudy but we could still see the sun. They also noticed how hard the wind was blowing. Many of them observed the trees blowing, their hair blowing, and even papers were blowing. Ms. Cait was a great asset to the Wonderland classroom and shared some great information with the students pertaining to weather.












Showcase of Clusters

This afternoon the Renaissance, Mysteries, and Inventors and Inventions groups presented their projects to the whole class.

The Mysteries Cluster wrote, directed, and starred in their own play titled The Mystery of the Missing Wedding Cake.

IMG_0582 IMG_0583 IMG_0584 IMG_0585 IMG_0586 IMG_0587


The Inventors & Inventions Cluster presented on their Inventor of choice and their Invention.

IMG_0590 IMG_0591 IMG_0592 IMG_0594 IMG_0595 IMG_0596 IMG_0598 IMG_0599 The Renaissance Cluster presented their Readers Theater, a monologue, and famous people from the era.

 IMG_0602 IMG_0603 IMG_0604 IMG_0605 IMG_0606 IMG_0608 IMG_0609

Spring is Sprouting


Students have been taking notice of all the green sprouting around them, both indoors and out! 20140411-080919.jpg

Honalee students are growing flowers on the windowsill and learning about the parts of the flower along the way.


Students took a nature walk with their clipboards to notice and record the many different kinds of flowers budding and blooming around the school.



Strawberry Shortcake

Cooking in the classroom is fun, and tasty! Students worked carefully together to cut up strawberries and shortcake for our afternoon snack.


Layer bits of shortcake in a dish and top with cut strawberries. Pour strawberry jello over the top and refrigerate. When jello solidifies, top with vanilla pudding and cool whip. ENJOY!