Working in the Flowerbeds 

Friday, the preschool students worked together to clean out the flowerbeds in preparation for the planting that will occur this week. The students pulled weeds, cleaned leaves from the beds, searched for bugs and used gardening tools while they worked cooperatively to clean out the flowerbeds. The students most enjoyed finding bugs such as worms, pill bugs, and butterflies!


Diving into the 2nd Week of Clusters 


No burping at the dinner table! In the Culture group, Ms. Danielle and her students are focusing on table etiquette around the world. The students illustrated a dinner plate and wrote about the do’s and don’t’s of eating at their dinner table.

Whodunnit? In the Mythology group, Ms. Allison introduced the Trojan War with the reader’s theater, The Apple of Discord. Their focus this week has been on how mythology affects them today. The mythologists discussed how each character contributed to the conflict of the war.



Communication is key! Ms. Jill challenged her students in a game using non-verbal communication. They had to work in teams to make it from one side of the room to the other side using only carpet squares. If one team member touched the tile “lava”, the entire team had to start over.



Ms. Christina and her students are focusing on changes. Changes can come from environmental disasters, natural disasters, and disasters that turned around to be positive. This morning they looked more in depth at the Industrial Revolution.

Planting Rose Bushes

Yesterday, Ms. Izzys group discussed what a garden needed in order to grow. After their discussion they went outside and got a chance to dig their own holes and plant rose bushes around the school! The students are eager to see them grow.                   

Watching a plant grow

On Monday, during work time, students planted lima beans in plastic bags with wet paper towels to see what would happen. Planting like this allows the students to see all parts of the plant including the roots which we would normally not be able to see. Students have been checking the process of their plants everyday and some are already beginning to sprout!

IMG_2170 IMG_2173 IMG_2177 IMG_2178 IMG_2181 IMG_2187 IMG_2218 IMG_2219

Reminders for SCCS Families

This week the SCCS Parent Group is hosting a Bake Sale Wednesday and Thursday, April 15th and 16th in Audrey Webb and Stamper Commons. The Audrey Webb Bake Sale is open before and after school. Stamper Commons is during the lunch hour from 12-1. If you’d like to participate, feel free to make a baked good or sign up to work the tables through Sign-Up Genius.

Open House is Wednesday, April 15th from 7:30-5:30. Teachers will be around to give tours and answer questions for prospective families.

Family Night Out is Friday, April 17th. Please let your classroom teachers know if you’d like your child(ren) to attend for the evening.

Roxaboxen/K/1 Showcase May 7th in Elementary

Plants and Gardening 

This week in preschool we are studying plants and gardening, to start the week our groups went on a nature walk to find signs of spring. As the week progressed the students are now learning about what plants need to grow, such as soil, seeds, water and sunlight. To practice this the students planted grass seed on Wednesday and are now responsible for the care and observation of thier growing grass. To finish the week and lead us into the next week today the students are going to be caring for the planting beds located on our school playground and get them ready for more planting adventures next week.  


K/1/ Roxaboxen Showcase

This morning was a very successful Roxaboxen/K/1 Showcase. Students shared stories about their favorite Frozen games, did a taste test with cookies from around the world, shared carefully decorated Easter eggs, listened to music from an ipod and participated in a dance party, shared information about our solar system and many more.

Art and Destination Imagination

This has been an incredible week here at Stephens College Children’s School. Students worked on a variety of inspirational topics and had opportunities to practice their artistic skills. They worked with Ms. Vonder Haar with a lesson on The Giving Tree. They learned a song called The Giving Tree that they sang together while they wrote stories about trees and about what it means to be a giving friend. They drew trees with crayons and painted them with watercolors. They also made a tree together out of their bodies.

They had the another opportunity to work with Mrs. Dawnavyn and learn about the famous artist Bob Marley. They learned about his life and some of the songs he is famous for. They were excited to learn about the Reggae music. They also made a collage using cut out lyrics to some of his songs.

In addition, they worked with the sophomore level college students that are in the Integrating the Arts class and brought lessons into the classroom. The students were put into small groups and learned about Native American Totem Poles, Haikus and music, playwriting using the metric system and much more.

Another art lesson the younger students got to complete was their selfies.

Our older students rehearsed all week long for the big finale of Destination Imagination. The final D.I. day was a huge success. Thank you to all those who were able to help and attend this exciting, inspirational event.IMG_3005





















Afternoon of Dots

 This week we are exploring with different arts integrated activities while other students work toward their Destination Imagination Showcase on Friday.

Yesterday was a beautiful day to be outside creating art! We read together the book, “The Dot” written by Peter Reynolds and began painting with our own dot.  Each student created a painting using water colors and shared them with the class.