Poetry Slam

We started off our last week of school with a very successful Poetry Slam! The students all had the opportunity to stand in front of their peers and parents to share their writing. We heard poems about fruit, feelings, family, and many two person poems as well.  IMG_3217




























Peace Park and The Columbia Art League

Today the weather cooperated with us and we were able to take a beautiful walk through downtown Columbia. We brought sketch pads and sat at Peace Park where we got to practice drawing landscapes. After enjoying our snacks outside on this perfect day we walked over to the Columbia Art League. We were greeted by a Stephens College graduate named Karen who shared information about the Columbia Art League and the currently featured artwork in the gallery. The artwork on display right now is all inspired by the theme of FEAST. The students were respectful and safe and enjoyed seeing local artwork. We shared our knowledge about Paul Cezanne, Vincent van Gogh and Claude Monet and different types of painting such as a still-life and a landscape. We are excited to continue our study of Art History this week!IMG_3159








Thursday Showcase

 We had our last Kindergarten/First Grade/Roxaboxen Showcase this morning.  The energy was high and students enjoyed observing each table.  Eleanor had under the sea figurines.   Jonah brought Dinosaurology.   Abe had magnetic shapes.  Avery brought a variety of stuffed animals.  Jeanne shared her puppy.      Olivia brought in another kind of puppy.  Eden shared My Little Ponies.  Ellie had Snap Circuits.  The train Ana brought was a hit!  CeCe shared a Hello Kitty with a baseball shirt.  Hot potato was played by all with Madison.  Elliott shared his own journal and had a pencil sketch of Starry Night.  Logan had a Star Wars figurine.    Beatrice had beautiful art work about mermaids.   Evelyn was in an article about her Grandpa and his artwork. Bri showed us real gold in a bottle and the story of King Midas.

We are sad that was our last showcase of the school year, but look forward to many more in the future!

Elementary Votes

 The elementary students have engaged in another authentic study of our US government for the past two weeks. They have studied presidents, what it takes to run a political campaign and the different figures that make up our local government. We started the morning off with a literature discussion about Langston Hughes’ poem I, Too, Am America. We then gave our presidential candidates the opportunity to give their speeches and  opened the polls for voting. Students had the opportunity to go into a voting booth and fill out a ballot. We ended our day with a showcase of presidential profiles and  local government riddles. 









Arts Integration with College Students

Today our college students came into the classroom to teach various arts integrated lessons. Some of our students learned about germs and how they spread throughout our day, another group discovered what it means to fill up someone’s bucket with kind words and actions, and there was also a small group that studied and acted out different types of weather such as wind, tornadoes, lightning, and rain. The students always enjoy working


IMG_0822IMG_0841 IMG_0843 IMG_0845 IMG_0846 IMG_0849 IMG_0853 IMG_0856 IMG_0858 IMG_0859 IMG_0860

Elementary Students Have A New Math Concept!

All of the different groups started a new topic during Math!

Algebraic Relationships & Operations

These students are helping Ms. Vonder Haar plan her summer vacation. She is traveling from Phoenix to Washington State. They are helping her find cost of boarding, entertainment, and mileage throughout the trip.

These students are using dice and manipulatives to help them create and solve addition problems.

Ms. Dawnavyn’s group of students A.K.A. The Mathletes are working on multiplication. Today, they started by creating a receipt to represent what Billy spent of his shopping spree.  Later, they continued completing the chart of multiplication facts. 

These students were attentively listening to directions as Ms. Megan explained a new game to practice their multiplication skills/facts. The game is called, Circles and Stars by Marilyn Burns.

Roll a die to tell you how many circles to draw. Roll again to tell you how many stars to draw inside your circles. Write your number sentence. Solve you multiplication problem.So many different ways to explore Algebraic Relationships & Operations!

Working in the Flowerbeds 

Friday, the preschool students worked together to clean out the flowerbeds in preparation for the planting that will occur this week. The students pulled weeds, cleaned leaves from the beds, searched for bugs and used gardening tools while they worked cooperatively to clean out the flowerbeds. The students most enjoyed finding bugs such as worms, pill bugs, and butterflies!


Diving into the 2nd Week of Clusters 


No burping at the dinner table! In the Culture group, Ms. Danielle and her students are focusing on table etiquette around the world. The students illustrated a dinner plate and wrote about the do’s and don’t’s of eating at their dinner table.

Whodunnit? In the Mythology group, Ms. Allison introduced the Trojan War with the reader’s theater, The Apple of Discord. Their focus this week has been on how mythology affects them today. The mythologists discussed how each character contributed to the conflict of the war.



Communication is key! Ms. Jill challenged her students in a game using non-verbal communication. They had to work in teams to make it from one side of the room to the other side using only carpet squares. If one team member touched the tile “lava”, the entire team had to start over.



Ms. Christina and her students are focusing on changes. Changes can come from environmental disasters, natural disasters, and disasters that turned around to be positive. This morning they looked more in depth at the Industrial Revolution.