Human Body Showcase

Students shared their visuals with fellow classmates, families, and college students as they completed their study of the human body this morning.


Elliott studied the ear.

IMG_1935.JPGKarli’s bones were in a display case.IMG_1932.JPG

Beatrice made a 3D visual representing what the eye looks like in light and dark.IMG_1933.JPG

Ellie taught us about touch.


X-rays are what Eden talked about today.


Alyssa, Michael and Joshua showed us how a muscle works.


The Nervous System group had a play we could attend after we gave them tickets.



Taye focused on skin and the importance of melanin.IMG_1940.JPGNora focused on our nails.IMG_1943.JPG

The Circulatory System showed us how our blood pumps through our body.IMG_1942.JPGTavish displayed his artwork of the human body.




Marley taught us about our hair.


Kaylee showed us major bones in our body.IMG_1948.JPG

Our gums can get diseases if we don’t brush is what Maggie shared with us today.IMG_1946.JPG

Matthew shared with us about different cells.IMG_1950.JPGEvelyn shared with us her elbow joint she made.


I Am NOT A Turkey!!

This morning was full of excitement when we found a letter left for the students!  Gobble the Turkey needed help disguising turkeys to survive through Thanksgiving dinner.  The students were left with a table full of art supplies to create their own turkey in disguise, then were encouraged to write about their creation.IMG_1906.JPG

Our letter was left with questions to think about when writing.






IMG_1903.JPGWe will make sure to display them on Friday during the showcase!






Burning off some Energy

With the cold temperatures moving in we are not able to have as much outdoor recess as we would like. The students build up lots of energy throughout the day and need a fun way to get it out — and, what better way to practice our gross motor skills?!

One afternoon this week,  the teachers built an obstacle course for the preschoolers to enjoy and burn off that extra energy.  When performing obstacle courses, we usually split the students into smaller groups and run through the course, however, this time we functioned as one big team! The students engaged in conversation about how they could cheer on each other as they raced through the course. The course consisted of bowling, doing a trick on the mat, hopping down a pattern of circles, and running in a zig-zag line. They had a lot of fun working together and celebrating each other’s success.

IMG_1953 IMG_1956 IMG_1957 IMG_1960 IMG_1963 IMG_1970 IMG_1977 IMG_1982 IMG_1994 IMG_1995 IMG_1998

Showcase in Preschool and Elementary

All the students at SCCS are participating in Showcase.  Some students are displaying their items in the Elementary classroom while others are displaying their items in the Preschool classrooms.  This has been a huge success, and students enjoy bringing in items from home to share with families and friends.


Independent Inquiry Presentations

Leo shares his knowledge of Paul McCartney

The last two weeks we have had 8 independent inquiry presentations. The creativity in our classroom is impressive. Check out these photos from our latest presenters!

Karli dresses as Sacagawea


Taye’ demonstrates football


Matthew shares information about Legos


Michael Kouba explains how the eye works


Alyssa shares knowledge of cats


Alyssa demonstrates how to play her game Catland



Mackenzie shares information about Zebras


Thomas shows us how to play Minecraft


Coming Up Next Week

Literacy: During this time we will all be focusing on the history and creation of Thanksgiving. We will discuss what Thanksgiving means to us today compared to what it meant to the pilgrims. Throughout our focus, students will watch videos and explore reenactments of the era, discuss their own views of Thanksgiving, compare and contrast our thanksgiving today to the pilgrims Thanksgiving, and ways that Thanksgiving has changed throughout our history.

Math: College students will continue this week with Numbers and Operations in Base Ten.

Human Body: Children will transition from researching and note taking into creating their visuals.


Monday-Shakespeare’s Fundraiser (flyer to come home Monday for purchasing)

Thursday-Roxboxen K/1 Showcase

Friday-Family Night Out (notify your teacher if you plan on having your child(ren) attend)

Mathematician Movement

Today in math we worked together to practice sorting and organizing. We discussed the many possibilities for how to sort our class. We decided to try sorting ourselves by age, our favorite board game and height. After all of that movement we sat in a circle and practiced skip counting by 1’s, 2’s, and 10’s. Later we broke into small groups to practice other math skills. Some of us played I Have Who Has to practice adding and subtracting and place value. We also played Guess Digit Place to strengthen our understanding of place value. IMG_2448.JPG