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Ukulele Practice 

We are looking forward to our Spring Showcase this Thursday evening in Windsor Auditorium!  We even took our ukulele’s outside to recess in preparation for our big day!


Independent Inquiry

Each year our 2nd, 3rd, 4th and 5th grade students practice important lifelong skills culminating in a presentation in front of their classmates. Students select a topic of interest and turn in assignments each week as they research information. For five weeks, students are working on time management, collecting reliable and relevant resources, asking critical questions, synthesizing information learned, taking notes, compiling information into a written format and finally choosing from a variety of unique ways to share what they learned. Pictured below are our 5th graders sharing their very last independent inquiry presentations.

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Cluster Showcase

Today was the culminating activity for our Methods students. They showcased student learning through public service announcements on our environment, artwork displayed from different artists around the world, a totem pole from traditions around the world, musicians from the Blues era, and a song written about our community. Below is a slideshow capturing their work.

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Building Bridges

Students used a variety of materials to create a bridge that could hold at least ten cubes. The cubes had to stand vertically on top of the bridge. Students used the steps of the scientific method to make their bridges. They had to communicate, cooperate and compromise to create their working bridges.

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Mathematicians at Work

Mean, median, mode, statistical data, survey, question and graphs are just a few of the vocabulary words you will see around our classroom today. In math, we are working in small groups to explore measurement and data. Students can be seen practicing categorizing their shoes and then graphing them in a picture graph. Some students are creating their own surveys about favorite parts of the day, animals, and ice cream flavors and then representing their findings in picto-graphs and bar graphs. Other students practiced sorting statistical and non-statistical questions.

Dinosaur Exhibit Tours

The Preschool and Elementary students presented their Dinosaur Exhibit to their families. The older Elementary students were the tour guides during the exhibit and took families to both the Elementary and Preschool classrooms to showcase our inquiry study of dinosaurs.

The slideshow below shows the process of their inquiry study and the final showcase.

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James and the Giant Peach presented by TRYPS

This morning TRYPS invited us to see them put on a wonderful show of James and the Giant Peach at Macklanburg Playhouse! We got the chance to take a photo on stage and meet the actors!

Mizzou Student Activity

Today, our Mizzou practicum students lead two different lessons with small groups of students. Paige and Mackenzie have spent the last few Tuesday’s with us learning how to communicate and work with younger students. Paige lead a sorting rainbow activity using fine motor skills. Mackenzie lead an activity using fine motor skills to cut pieces of paper and follow multi-step directions to make a sunshine picture. 

Wind Wands

This week we have been studying all different kinds of weather. We came up with a list of different weather words, including rain, snow, tornado, sun, fog, and wind.  The students then learned a weather song that used our weather words. Most of the weather words we came up with were types of weather that can be seen, but we agreed wind is invisible. So how do we know it exists? Our discussion led us to make wind wands out of straws, pipe cleaners and ribbon. When the wind blows the ribbons blow with it. We tested our wind wands on the playground and discovered the wind blows in many different directions and at different speeds! Sometimes the ribbons moved slowly in the breeze, but when the wind picked up, the ribbons on the wind wands seemed to be flying! Below you can see our group using their wind wands on the playground.


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