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March 2015

Afternoon of Dots

 This week we are exploring with different arts integrated activities while other students work toward their Destination Imagination Showcase on Friday.

Yesterday was a beautiful day to be outside creating art! We read together the book, “The Dot” written by Peter Reynolds and began painting with our own dot.  Each student created a painting using water colors and shared them with the class.


Cluster Showcase

This afternoon our students shared with each other all of their hard work from the last two weeks. The Mythology group performed a readers theater play of Orpheus and Eurydice. The media group shared their blogs and their newspapers. Students shared what impact media and advertising has on them. The Circle of Life group shared artifacts from nature and history that represented patterns in nature (Fibonacci Sequence), and how life and death is portrayed in other cultures throughout the world.


Fun at the Gym

The Stephens’ basketball team invited the preschoolers over to the gym to play games this Wednesday. It was exciting for them to see the basketball arena and to play with athletes. The students had a wonderful time running around, playing kickball, and working as a team to complete an obstacle course. They loved shooting the basketballs into the hoops and running the bases during kickball. During the obstacle course, the students had to hop over hurdles, jump onto two platforms, hula hoop and then try to shoot a basket. Everyone had a ball!

 IMG_2471 IMG_2473 IMG_2474 IMG_2475 IMG_2478 IMG_2479 IMG_2481 IMG_2482 IMG_2483 IMG_2485 IMG_2488 IMG_2490 IMG_2493 IMG_2496 IMG_2500 IMG_2503 IMG_2505 IMG_2507 IMG_2508 IMG_2511 IMG_2518 IMG_2520 IMG_2522 IMG_2523 IMG_2525 IMG_2528 IMG_2529 IMG_2538 IMG_2539 IMG_2549 IMG_2551 IMG_2554 IMG_2555 IMG_2556 IMG_2557 IMG_2558 IMG_2563 IMG_2566 IMG_2568 IMG_2570 IMG_2572 IMG_2574 IMG_2576 IMG_2581 IMG_2585 IMG_2590 IMG_2592 IMG_2595

Volcano Eruption!

Today our preschool students experienced an exciting volcano eruption! The senior and junior student teachers worked together to make various sized volcanoes and filled them with baking soda.  As the volcanoes were filled with vinegar, an explosion occurred that sent all of our students into excited cheering! Happy Spring break preschool families! We hope your week is “exploding” with fun!

volcano eruption 7

volcano eruption 6volcano eruption 5

Volcano Eruption 1

volcano eruption 4

Volcano eruption 2volcano eruption 3

Dinosuars at the Park!

Monday, students and teachers took a walk to Lions Stephens Park! The students pretended to be dinosaurs as we stomped down the road, pretended to eat plants, leaves and other animals — there was some loud roaring as well!

Many continued acting like dinosaurs as they climbed the rocks and jungle gym!

St patricks day

Clusters With Our Juniors

Ms. Maile and Ms. Izzy are each teaching small groups of students beginning this week and into the next week. This is an exciting time for all of us!

Ms. Maile is teaching Media. This includes newspapers, advertising, and blogging. Below you will see pictures of students collaborating together to write blog posts, discussing advertisements, and writing their own class newspaper.

Ms. Izzy is focusing her teachings on the Circle of Life. Below you will see students working on their own inquiry having to do with the circle of life. Topics range from dream catchers, swirls(snails, seashells), inch worms, and dinosaurs.

Our student teachers, Ms. Dawnavyn, Ms. Allison, and Ms. Megan are also working with a small group of students on the topic of Mythology. The pictures below show them relating myths to constellations. Their movements represent a transition from one activity to another. They were reaching up to Zeus. They are also inquiring into their own mythological creatures. Some include: Medusa, Pegasus, Aphrodite, Hermes.

Roxaboxen, K, 1 Showcase

Students brought in many different things to share from home this morning.

Elliott sharing Star Wars toys and books.


Jeanne sharing dress up shoes.
Ellie made a display of hopping bunnies.
Eden brought in Lollaloopsy dolls. Beatrice brought in dolls.
Madison was inspired by a fellow classmate who studied dolphins last inquiry. She chose to study Cats!
Katie brought in a puzzle with different horses.
Alice showed us how to make rice krispy treats. Her poster showed us a step by step process. Then we were able to taste her treats!
Olivia brought in her phone.
Cooper brought in his collection of rocks.
Jonah brought in his collection of nature. There were feathers, snack skin, and shells.


Eleanor studied the author and illustrator Mo Willems. She has a variety of his books on display.


Ana brought in a tea party set.  Allie shared a baby sign language DVD.
Avery shared Frozen memory game, books, and magnetic dress up doll game.
Abe shared with us his helicopter transformer toys.


Dance Demonstration- Jump Rhythm Jazz

This afternoon both Elementary and Preschool went to watch a Dance Demonstration. The current dance resident artist Brandi Coleman has been working with the college students at Stephens on a dance technique called Jump Rhythm Jazz. Today they shared with us what they have been learning about this exciting approach to dance. Call and response, syncopation, and scat singing are a few of the terms that we learned about today.







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