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September 2015

Graphic Novel Sharing

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Today we were so excited to share some of our completed graphic novels with creative writing college students on campus. Dr. Ann Breidenbach is an adjunct instructor on campus teaching college students about graphic novels. This morning a couple of our students were thrilled to be able to share their work with someone other than their own classmates. The college students asked us what our favorite part about the process was and we shared that we really enjoyed drawing pictures along with our completed stories.

Special Visitors!

Yesterday afternoon we were excited to see two of our old friends. Marley was a Mystery Reader. She read Don’t Be Silly Mrs. Millie! We were also thrilled that Nora stopped by as well. She shared with us how things are going in Middle School after graduating from our program.


Fireman Tool Hunt

Today in Roxaboxen, we spent our small group time traveling around the room recording information. 

To begin our study on safety we talked about the tools a fireman uses and discussed what we should do during a fire. The students then had their own clipboards and were able to find the different tools posted around the room. 

Each card had a picture of a tool posted on it and also had a number printed on it.  It was the students job to work on number recognition  – after they recognized the number, they would draw the corresponding number of dots on their papers.

Before we began,  we disscussed as a group that if someone needed help they could ask a friend in the room to help them and then they could count together. As the students began they used those communicated skills to help each other! All the students were engaged and worked hard identifying numbers! 


We are Firefighters

Preschoolers decided to transform the block area into a firetruck. We even made a ladder and hose for it using paper. Students used their creativity to transform the loft into a burning building, one of our tables into an ambulance and each child took on a specific role to aid in putting out the fire/making sure the people from the burning building were safe!  


Preschool Showcase

The preschoolers in Roxaboxen brought in some favorite items today to share with the class!

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Coming Together as One

One of the benefits of a multi-age classroom is the positive interaction that takes place between the older and younger students. A spirit of community is created. The older students gain empathy and pride when working with the younger students, and the younger students learn about expectations through the older students. Yesterday, preschool and elementary came together in the elementary classroom to experience the fun of a “Buddy Read.” The older students were paired or grouped with the preschoolers and read books. Then the preschoolers went into Miss Jessie’s studio for an improv presentation! Ms. James and Miss Jessie got silly while they demonstrated how the improv game “Bus Stop” works. One person pretends to be a “normal” person, waiting for a bus. Another enters the scene as a “strange” person. Miss Jessie pretended to be someone who had traveled from a different planet, and was in awe of her new surroundings. Then some of the elementary students showcased how adept they’re becoming at the game, while the audience roared with laughter. What a fun afternoon!

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Elementary students Eric and Alexander read books to preschoolers Mack and Tucker

Eden pretends to be late for school! Oh no!

Miss Jessie attempts to keep in character while Ms. James laughs!

Writing Focus Lessons

With our Graphic Novel unit complete, we are moving forward with new topics all around the classroom. Miss Christina has introduced the 5 paragraph essay to our oldest students.   Miss. Jill has introduced character traits-both external and internal to help visualize our characters.
  Miss Mariam is working on creating a class definition for what revision means in our writing. 

Measurement & Data

The Junior’s have been working with the children in the classroom this past week. In math, their focus has been on measurement and data.

Miss Christina and her group of students have been working hands on to measure different objects with non-standard measurement. Next week, their approach will be to take these measurements and convert them to standard measurement.

Miss. Jill, our student teacher has taken a different approach to measurement. These students are weighing objects and classifying them as lighter or heavier. The picture below is an example of how the students organized objects by weight.

With Miss Madison, these students have been exploring different ways to share information through a graph and ways to analyze the data represented. Next week, they look forward to investigating area and perimeter.
These students have been focusing on non-standard measurement with Miss. Mariam. They have measured various things with their feet, strings, and other objects from around the classroom. Here is a picture of their feet they used. The other picture shows them measuring each other and comparing their height to others.     

This last group have been designing their own zoo with Miss Stephanie. Their designs include choosing which animals, themes, and size to have in their zoo.  They are working on calculating conversions of numbers in the metric system.

A Visit With an Artist

Today preschool had the privilege of visiting Lela Raney Wood Hall on Stephens Campus to explore an art exhibit. Kate Gray, an assistant professor of graphic design at Stephens College, has created an extraordinary graphic design exhibition. The kids loved the interactive nature of the exhibit, exploring the art books, learning about Kate’s process and materials, and seeing how their clothes light up in the black light room! As part of our expansion into arts integration, Kate will be visiting both the preschool and the elementary in the coming weeks to work on some visual art with our students, and we cannot wait to show you what we have in store!

Kate Gray’s show will run Sept. 3-27 at LRW Hall, mezzanine section. Regular gallery hours are Wed. Noon-1 p.m., Thu. 5:30-8:30 p.m., Sat. & Sun. Noon-3 p.m.


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