We ended our Civil War inquiry with a museum exhibit! The CSSC Students’ Collection of Civil War Artifacts and Research Museum welcomed parents, preschool teachers and students, and faculty and staff from all around campus.

Our Fourth and Fifth graders, with the help of Dr. Prater and Ms. Vonder Haar, studied major people in the Civil War and wrote biographies. They each had a tri-fold board equipped with photos and facts about their person. Each student also created an artifact to go along with their presentation.

Ms. Jill, our student teacher, Mrs. Clifton, Kindergartners and First graders, examined the life of Abraham Lincoln. They created a log cabin included with a garden, corn husk bed, and pond. Other students presented information about games Abraham Lincoln played as a boy, clothes his wife wore, and other aspects of Abraham Lincoln’s life.

Some of our First, Second, and Third graders, along with Ms. James studied the Underground Railroad. After thinking about ways to share what they learned- they decided to build it! They wanted people to experience the journey slaves took to freedom. Visitors traveled through the plantation, forest, stopped at the safe house and arrived at freedom.

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