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December 2015

A 50s Exploration

Dr. Prater has transported the 1950s into our classroom! We began by listening to 50s music and drawing how the music made us feel and what images came to our minds as we bopped to the sounds of the 50s.

Our art center has transformed into a display of 1950s artifacts. Students have had the opportunity to go through the 1950s to observe the items out in our classroom. This display has generated a cluster of questions from students. These artifacts will guide us in our ability to use a variety of resources for research.

African Dance Presentation

Preschool and elementary students were invited to attend an African World Dance Demonstration. Monique Jones and her world dance students performed several pieces incorporating styles found in West Africa, Soukous style from Zaire, and non-traditional healing movements. The Children’s school students enjoyed watching these dances and learning more about African culture. Monique shared about how every color has a meaning and every person has a purpose in the African culture. She also taught us about how different fabrics can represent ideals such as fertility and warriors. The Children’s School students and teachers were very happy to have been invited to such an amazing demonstration!


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