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February 2016

K/1 Showcase

We had another K/1 Showcase. This is an opportunity for the students to get experience with presenting in front of their classmates as well as share their interests with peers. Each child had their own space to present in the classroom. During this time the rest of the class walked around to observe and ask questions. Today we saw artifacts from a trip to Hawaii, a dancing ballerina, a Zoomer Kitty named Stunts, a collection of Littlest Pet Shop characti


Friendship Party!

Today, preschool and elementary students came together to celebrate friendship!  Families donated bagels, muffins, fruit, juice, and paper products to help make this a special day.  Students were split up into three groups and were given time in each of the three preschool classrooms.  When students were in Roxaboxen, they were able to make a plate and visit with friends, when they were in Honalee, they finger painted and made friendship bracelets, and when students moved to Wonderland, they participated in freeze dance, a conga line and a friendship game involving a hulahoop.  A very special thank-you goes out to our parent group for making this party a success!


  Students were dancing in Wonderland!


 Ms. Sarah worked with students to create handprints on our friendship trees.


Katelin worked hard on a bracelet.

Natalie made a bracelet for her mom.

Mack showed off his silly face for the camera!

Eden used puff balls to make her bracelet.

Ava used a variety of beads.

Tucker is hard at work.

Friends are working together!

Jackson loved his apple juice.

Madeline preferred grape.

Eliza enjoyed a muffin, fruit and a juice box.

Bennett liked the grape juice, also!

Nik is acting silly for the camera — he was enjoying a treat in Roxaboxen.

Henry ate a chocolate chip bagel.

Ava dressed in style for our party — and she enjoyed fruit at our party.

Look at all those bagels!  Thank you parent group!

Working on our friendship tree.

Those elementary students had their mouths full.

Sisters are posing for the camera!

Hi Ana!

Students waited so patiently in line and used manners when asking for what they wanted to eat.

Lucy said her favorite snacks are bagels.

Jake opted for a bagel and blueberries.

Students in elementary sat and visited with friends.

Ginny said, “This is the best party, ever!”

Riya wanted to paint her hand yellow.

Maclyn asked for apple juice to drink.

Kaylee used gold beads for her bracelet.

Lilly and Sydney enjoyed bagels and berries.

Lincoln licked his lips after finishing his blueberries.

Gabrielle enjoyed drinking her grape juice.

Natalie, Katelin, and Violet worked to slide the hula hoop through their arms.

Teacher friends!

Conga line with Ms. Vonder Haar!

Colorful Snow

The preschoolers were excited to see that the snow was falling on Wednesday.  During work time, students participated in a science experiment with snow and water colors. We used toothbrushes, sponges and paint brushes to color the fluffy snow.

Eliza and Elliott were mixing colors to make purple.



Preschool taking turns adding different colors to the snow. IMG_2141

Our 5 Senses

Students learned about their five senses: hearing, smelling, tasting, touching and seeing. Then we explored salt and sugar with a taste test! Students noticed it “looked the same” and “felt the same.”  After looking and touching the salt and sugar, students tasted the first pile (sugar) which was followed by a lot of, “yums.”  After they tasted the second sample (salt), students showed many scrunched up noses and sour looks.  They all agreed the sugar tasted better than the salt!

Top: sugar Bottom: salt


Before our taste testing!

Wyatt tasting the salt. 

IMG953058              “It tastes like cookies!” – Oliver 


Farm to Table

In the elementary school, during our study of nutrition, we’ve had some excellent guest speakers presenting to us about nutritious food and how to access it in our local community. Last week we had Ms. Vonder Haar’s sister from the Columbia Farmer’s Market, and this week we were visited by Tim Gibbons, the communication director for Missouri Rural Crisis Center. He was joined by Alex Ewing, the coordinator for Patchwork Family Farms.

MRCC is a statewide non-profit farm membership organization that’s been around since 1985 (they just celebrated their 30th year in 2015!). MRCC works to ensure independent family farms in rural Missouri are protected and stay active and thriving so their products can successfully reach consumers and so rural communities can prosper. Patchwork Family Farms was created by MRCC and works in collaboration with local family farmers to ensure family farm pork is available in local grocery stores, such as Hy-Vee and Clovers, and offered on the menus in many restaurants in Columbia, such as Sycamore, Broadway Brewery, the Broadway Diner and nearly 30 others.

We learned about how hogs are raised the traditional way , the importance of ensuring farmers have access to markets and are paid a fair price, and how good pork tastes from hogs raised by Missouri’s independent family farmers!

We also talked about backyard gardens, farmers growing for farmer’s markets and how food gets to one’s table from the farm. After, Tim and Alex served some delicious samples of Patchwork Family Farm pork. Students then broke off into pairs where they created pictures of sequencing of farm to table. Students were engaged and very interested in learning more about food and how it arrives on their dinner plates, and everyone wanted more samples. Yum!

Strike a Pose!

During our nutrition unit, the preschool students are also learning about moving their bodies and how exercise helps us stay healthy. We turned the top of the loft into a yoga studio and students were very excited to move their bodies in new ways! Using yoga cards and some imagination, students performed various yoga moves and stretching exercises.


Heart Check

In the preschool, students learned about their heart and how to observe how fast it beats. As a group, we discussed how the heart pumps blood throughout your body. Your heart is always working, even when you are asleep! Students learned that their fist is about the size of their real heart! As a group, they tested their heart rate by doing different exercises and recording their results on a tally sheet. Each student tested their heart when laying down, after doing five jumping jacks, going down a slide, and running in place. At the end of our experiment, students came back to discuss their results and observations.


Painting with Go Foods

This week the preschool classroom started a unit on Nutrition. We learned about “go” foods, “slow” foods, and “whoa” foods. As a class, we discussed that “go” foods are fruits and vegetables that we can eat all the time. “Slow” foods are growing foods like bread, pizza, and cheese. These foods are healthy for our bodies, but they can make our bodies slow down if we eat too much. “Whoa” foods are foods like cookies, candy, and treats that we only eat once in awhile. After discussing these food groups, students enjoyed painting with various “go” foods. We used peppers, broccoli, cucumbers, and oranges to make various prints with paint. The students’ work can be viewed in the preschool hallway.









Five Senses Lotto!

Preschoolers explored their sense of taste, touch, sight, smell and hearing with the newly added Five Senses Lotto. We connected the five senses to our new health topic by discussing how they help us identify food and help us listen to what our body is trying to tell us.

This game involved the students taking turns using the spinner to select a sense, find a miniature figurine that matches, then place the miniature figurine on the right spot on the card.

Shown below are the 20 minature figurines.


After picking the trash can for sense of smell Preston exclaimed, “We sometimes have to hold our noses if we don’t want to smell the stinky trash.”


Eliza and Preston used their sense of sight to view the mini newspaper.

Wade chose the mini camera and said he uses it to see.


Five Senses Lotto encouraged the preschoolers to use describing words when discussing each individual item. For example, Violet described the porcupine as feeling prickly and Elliot explained that the strawberry was sweet on his tongue.


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