Today, preschool and elementary students came together to celebrate friendship!  Families donated bagels, muffins, fruit, juice, and paper products to help make this a special day.  Students were split up into three groups and were given time in each of the three preschool classrooms.  When students were in Roxaboxen, they were able to make a plate and visit with friends, when they were in Honalee, they finger painted and made friendship bracelets, and when students moved to Wonderland, they participated in freeze dance, a conga line and a friendship game involving a hulahoop.  A very special thank-you goes out to our parent group for making this party a success!


  Students were dancing in Wonderland!


 Ms. Sarah worked with students to create handprints on our friendship trees.


Katelin worked hard on a bracelet.

Natalie made a bracelet for her mom.

Mack showed off his silly face for the camera!

Eden used puff balls to make her bracelet.

Ava used a variety of beads.

Tucker is hard at work.

Friends are working together!

Jackson loved his apple juice.

Madeline preferred grape.

Eliza enjoyed a muffin, fruit and a juice box.

Bennett liked the grape juice, also!

Nik is acting silly for the camera — he was enjoying a treat in Roxaboxen.

Henry ate a chocolate chip bagel.

Ava dressed in style for our party — and she enjoyed fruit at our party.

Look at all those bagels!  Thank you parent group!

Working on our friendship tree.

Those elementary students had their mouths full.

Sisters are posing for the camera!

Hi Ana!

Students waited so patiently in line and used manners when asking for what they wanted to eat.

Lucy said her favorite snacks are bagels.

Jake opted for a bagel and blueberries.

Students in elementary sat and visited with friends.

Ginny said, “This is the best party, ever!”

Riya wanted to paint her hand yellow.

Maclyn asked for apple juice to drink.

Kaylee used gold beads for her bracelet.

Lilly and Sydney enjoyed bagels and berries.

Lincoln licked his lips after finishing his blueberries.

Gabrielle enjoyed drinking her grape juice.

Natalie, Katelin, and Violet worked to slide the hula hoop through their arms.

Teacher friends!

Conga line with Ms. Vonder Haar!