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March 2016


 Below you will discover each Cluster topic with its own photo collage.


These students have focused on famous Super Heroes, what a hero means to them through letter writing,  a hero through screenwriting by joining a film class with Ms. Kerri Yost,  reading quotes by various heroes, and creating their own hero.

Inventions & Inventors

This afternoon they focused their attention on writing a hypothesis about how far the balloon car would travel based on the height and incline of a ramp. They have also studied about a variety of inventors. The photo below shows their own cookie invention. Later this week, they will begin creating their board games and inventions.


The oceans are incredibly fascinating…at any age! These students have chosen an animal to study. Today they are beginning to create their visual to represent their creature. They have found some interesting facts. Later this week, they will explore mysteries within the oceans.


There are so many more things to discover about water than you think! This group of inquiring minds have discovered the water cycle, items that sink or float in fresh vs. saltwater, things that decompose in water, and celebrating National Water Day.

Culinary Tour of Diversity


We were invited to perform at the Culinary Tour of Diversity here on campus, for an evening of food, music, performance and celebration of the diversity within our community and beyond. We chose to sing a rendition of “We Shall Overcome” that Ms. James introduced during our Black History Month celebration in February.


Clusters: Bugs and Butterflies!

This week, the Methods students began an exciting exploration into bugs and butterflies.  Each student has planned learning experiences involving math, literacy, art and science. The preschoolers participated in small group activities which included sorting, counting using one-to-one correspondence and writing experiences. We are looking forward to many more engaging learning opportunities!

Crazy For Clusters

These two weeks in Elementary will be filled with topics such as water, heroes, inventions, and oceans. We are all extremely excited to see where these topics will lead us!!


Green Eggs and Ham!

To close our Dr. Seuss author study, students got to listen to Green Eggs and Ham. Then they got to try green eggs (don’t worry it was only food coloring) and ham! Along with green kiwi and milk. GreenEggs (1)GreenEggs (3)GreenEggs (4)GreenEggs (2)

After we tried green eggs and ham we then graphed whether or not we liked it.


The results were we love green eggs and ham! I will have them Sam I Am!

Champions of Character

Today we collaborated with the Association of Student-Athletes and learned about the core values of a champion. Students rotated through five minute presentations about integrity, respect, responsibility, servant leadership and sportsmanship. There was discussion about what each characteristic is and what it means to embody those core values.


Integrating the Arts

This week the sophomores came in to work with the students to integrate the arts. They used music, dance, theatre and visual arts to support their lessons. In the pictures below you can see students using a visual thinking strategy to develop story ideas, dance to learn about geometrical shapes, music to create songs about economics,  visual arts to draw a picture of a science experiment hypothesis, painting to learn about symmetry in nature, and photography to develop characters that might live in specific habitats.

That’s A Wrap!

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We ended our studies of revision, reader’s theater and storytelling in Literacy. Be sure to check out the Kid’s Corner-Children’s Writings tab on the main page to see some student writing samples from these studies.

Nutrition Showcase

The Elementary classroom was filled with laughter and learning. For the last several weeks both Preschool and Elementary have been working together to learn about nutrition. The students developed questions, researched and created plays and visuals to showcase their findings. Some of their research answered questions about where food comes from, what is healthy food, where and how it grows, calorie intake and much more.  

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