Below you will discover each Cluster topic with its own photo collage.


These students have focused on famous Super Heroes, what a hero means to them through letter writing,  a hero through screenwriting by joining a film class with Ms. Kerri Yost,  reading quotes by various heroes, and creating their own hero.

Inventions & Inventors

This afternoon they focused their attention on writing a hypothesis about how far the balloon car would travel based on the height and incline of a ramp. They have also studied about a variety of inventors. The photo below shows their own cookie invention. Later this week, they will begin creating their board games and inventions.


The oceans are incredibly fascinating…at any age! These students have chosen an animal to study. Today they are beginning to create their visual to represent their creature. They have found some interesting facts. Later this week, they will explore mysteries within the oceans.


There are so many more things to discover about water than you think! This group of inquiring minds have discovered the water cycle, items that sink or float in fresh vs. saltwater, things that decompose in water, and celebrating National Water Day.