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April 2016

Plant Week Field Trips

This past week was an educational and exciting time in our classroom! On Monday, we visited the MU Greenhouse. Our tour guide, Barbara, showed us plant species that lived in varying biomes from the hot humid air of Costa Rica to the dry, arid desert. We learned about the bitter cherry trees of Costa Rica, the vanilla bean plant, spicy peppers, the Venus flytrap and the sensitive plant.

On Tuesday, we collaborated with the science department on campus. Jeff Phillips, a biology professor, explained the process of pollination and how plants store and release water. Students had an opportunity to view tree rings on a prepared slide, look at the cell walls of the African Violet and the pores of a pine tree needle.

On Wednesday, Mizzou’s Tiger Garden visited us for a demonstration on flower care, flower arranging and the history of flowers. Students learned about what conditions and climates flower species grow best in and how Mizzou brings exotic plants to Missouri. Students collaborated with the demonstrators to arrange a European-style flower bouquet.

On Thursday, students took a walking field trip to Lions-Stephens Park to collect flowers, stones and other natural materials. Students used these materials to create their own terrarium.

Below is a slideshow of the various field trips you can scroll through and enjoy!

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K/1 Showcase 

Yesterday was another successful K/1 Showcase! We enjoyed learning about horses, magnets, the Titanic, special friends, peacock feathers, slime made out of borax, water and food coloring, and much more.

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Spring Fling

Wednesday after school, both preschool and elementary families enjoyed the nice spring weather at our Spring Fling presented by SLATE. There was golf, planting, bubbles and trail mix making set up on the playground.

The bubbles were a big hit! Both preschool and elementary had to work together to create giant bubbles using a piece of string.



Our second round of clusters is well underway. Students are in small groups studying Water, Family, Exploration, Taking Flight, and Immigration. Check out what each group is doing below:

Ms. Katelyn is leading our Taking Flight group and they have been looking at different things that fly. They have been researching and have even taken a virtual tour of the inside of an aircraft. Students were fortunate to visit the president of Stephens College, Dianne Lynch and talk to her about flight and what it means to Dream Up. President Lynch shared a story about her first time flying a plane. They are continuing their study by developing a plan for creating their own aircraft and testing them. By the end of the two week cluster, students will understand the literal and the metaphorical meaning of taking flight.

Ms. Caroline has been leading a group in Exploration. This group began by reviewing the Lewis and Clark Expedition. On their expedition, Lewis and Clark discovered new species. This group set up an Exploration Station where they are able to observe and study things in nature as part of their literacy workshop. In addition, they defined what Exploration means to them. The explorers in this group are researching a person, place or event of their choosing that they will present. Below are pictures of the Exploration group using compasses and directions to get to a destination in the classroom.


Ms. Mariam’s Immigration group has been studying different countries, their culture, popular dishes, flags, and other fun facts. Students are discovering that immigrants endure many hardships. Using their knowledge about immigration, students have been making cards with encouraging and positive thoughts to send to Syrian refugees in Idomeni, Greece.


“Family: a group of living creatures that share the same DNA. Families can be across the world, can be helpful and love each other.” Ms. Christina’s group has done quite a bit of research on their individual families. So far they have created family crests, family trees, and a family quilt. Collectively they have discovered that all of their families are different. Students are currently creating their own family TV show and will soon video tape. By the end of our two weeks, students will have discovered the diversity within their own family as well as families around the world.





Last week students were immersed in the Elizabethan Era! The older students have been working with Dr. Prater on scenes from A Midsummer Night’s Dream, Macbeth and Romeo and Juliet. 

The younger students were introduced to Sonnet #18 and have continued rehearsing All the World’s A Stage.



Our student teachers have created small Elizabethan sessions that teach students about the Elizabethan era through music, dance, and writing.

The students focused on jobs and classifying them into different classes.


Eden was assigned the job of a physician and here is the song she wrote about her job.

I’m A Little Physician by Eden (to the tune of I’m a Little Tea Pot)

I’m a little physician fixing people up

For bleeding, lancing and surgery

When I need a nurse for help hear me shout

“Can you please help me out?”


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