This past week was an educational and exciting time in our classroom! On Monday, we visited the MU Greenhouse. Our tour guide, Barbara, showed us plant species that lived in varying biomes from the hot humid air of Costa Rica to the dry, arid desert. We learned about the bitter cherry trees of Costa Rica, the vanilla bean plant, spicy peppers, the Venus flytrap and the sensitive plant.

On Tuesday, we collaborated with the science department on campus. Jeff Phillips, a biology professor, explained the process of pollination and how plants store and release water. Students had an opportunity to view tree rings on a prepared slide, look at the cell walls of the African Violet and the pores of a pine tree needle.

On Wednesday, Mizzou’s Tiger Garden visited us for a demonstration on flower care, flower arranging and the history of flowers. Students learned about what conditions and climates flower species grow best in and how Mizzou brings exotic plants to Missouri. Students collaborated with the demonstrators to arrange a European-style flower bouquet.

On Thursday, students took a walking field trip to Lions-Stephens Park to collect flowers, stones and other natural materials. Students used these materials to create their own terrarium.

Below is a slideshow of the various field trips you can scroll through and enjoy!

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