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August 2016

Exploring Measurement

Today, some of the students experimented with measuring. We have been discussing similarities and differences among friends, and today we discussed height!  Students used various blocks in our block area and took turns being measured and measuring a friend. After everyone measured, students were given the opportunity to use the blocks to measure other objects around the room.

First Library Adventure

On Friday, preschool students took a trip to the library.  Prior to leaving the preschool building, students discussed library expectations —

  1. Use inside voices
  2. Use walking feet
  3. Put your book back where you found it (we’re still working on this one)!

Students started out exploring the books and ended their trip listening to The Relatives Came.  They enjoyed the walk over to the library and loved hearing their teachers read to them!  We hope to continue making bi-weekly trips to the library.




Our class is kicking off the year with a study on geometric shapes. Each group of students is taking a different approach to learning about geometry.

The younger students worked with Mrs. Jenn on Mondrian Geometric Art. Children made shapes with their bodies before sitting down to see how artists used squares, rectangles, and primary colors. Afterwards, children traced a square template on their own page to create overlapping shapes. Finally, coloring in four-sided squares with yellow, blue, or red.


Ms. James’ math group began their study of geometry by learning about the history of tangrams. The history told the story of a sage who went on a journey with a panel of glass for a king. Throughout his journey he saw a number of things and in the end the glass broke and tangrams were created. Students retold the story on butcher paper by using the 7 tans. “Grandfather Tang’s Story” shows how to make different animals using tans, as we read the story we created the animals shown throughout the book.

Ms. Vonder Haar’s math group has started looking at coordinate planes and investigating geometric terminology. We have been enjoying singing a rap about coordinate planes that reminds us that the x-axis goes across and the y-axis climbs. As we practice plotting points, we have been using colorful geometric flashcards to begin learning about different types of lines, angle, and polygons.

Inquiry- Community

The older students began their inquiry study with an exciting round of charades. Each student had an opportunity to act out different jobs in the community. They worked in groups to develop lists of all the jobs that they could think of. From there, they have jumped off using books and a variety of other resources to learn about the people and their role in our community. Now they are compiling a nonfiction book about jobs/businesses and service projects. They will complete the book with documentation of the service project that they end up doing to help our community.

Younger students started inquiry by reading “Me On the Map”. After reading the book, students created necklaces that show where they are in relation to their home, community, state and world. Then in small groups they selected a job to research in the community. Within their job they had to find information about where that job takes place, what tools are used in that job, the purpose of that job and other facts that they find while researching. Afterwards, they shared their information by making clues to hang from a clothesline.


Recipe for Memoir Pie

This morning we kicked off our Literacy  with the introduction to our new genre study of memoirs. When we stir all of the ingredients together our memories can come to life. Rather than sugar, apples, and flour, it is important to include setting, characters and a plot. When we cut into a pie and dish out a slice it should have all of these delicious ingredients. Writing memoirs will be our focus for the next few weeks.

Exploring Materials in Preschool

Talk about a great first week in preschool! The students are making friends, building relationships with teachers and exploring the materials in our classroom. This week, students went over how to use various materials in the classroom. On Wednesday, students practiced using markers. We discussed how it’s important to write only on paper and white boards and that we do not write on our bodies! We also discussed how important it is for students to put the caps on their markers — this will keep them from drying out. Students were each given a cutout of a face and asked to decorate it however they chose.

On Thursday, students practiced using scissors. We talked about how important it is to be safe with our scissors and that they’re only used to cut paper. Students were then given the freedom to explore and cut up colored pieces of construction paper.
Finally, students practiced using glue sticks. They used the scrap pieces of paper that they cut up on Thursday and were asked to cover up a piece of paper the best they could.

Finally, they glued their faces from Wednesday onto their background and made a beautiful masterpiece! Checkout the pictures below and have a great weekend.

Dream Up!

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We kicked off the school year in Elementary thinking about our dreams for this year.

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