The older students began their inquiry study with an exciting round of charades. Each student had an opportunity to act out different jobs in the community. They worked in groups to develop lists of all the jobs that they could think of. From there, they have jumped off using books and a variety of other resources to learn about the people and their role in our community. Now they are compiling a nonfiction book about jobs/businesses and service projects. They will complete the book with documentation of the service project that they end up doing to help our community.

Younger students started inquiry by reading “Me On the Map”. After reading the book, students created necklaces that show where they are in relation to their home, community, state and world. Then in small groups they selected a job to research in the community. Within their job they had to find information about where that job takes place, what tools are used in that job, the purpose of that job and other facts that they find while researching. Afterwards, they shared their information by making clues to hang from a clothesline.