Our class is kicking off the year with a study on geometric shapes. Each group of students is taking a different approach to learning about geometry.

The younger students worked with Mrs. Jenn on Mondrian Geometric Art. Children made shapes with their bodies before sitting down to see how artists used squares, rectangles, and primary colors. Afterwards, children traced a square template on their own page to create overlapping shapes. Finally, coloring in four-sided squares with yellow, blue, or red.


Ms. James’ math group began their study of geometry by learning about the history of tangrams. The history told the story of a sage who went on a journey with a panel of glass for a king. Throughout his journey he saw a number of things and in the end the glass broke and tangrams were created. Students retold the story on butcher paper by using the 7 tans. “Grandfather Tang’s Story” shows how to make different animals using tans, as we read the story we created the animals shown throughout the book.

Ms. Vonder Haar’s math group has started looking at coordinate planes and investigating geometric terminology. We have been enjoying singing a rap about coordinate planes that reminds us that the x-axis goes across and the y-axis climbs. As we practice plotting points, we have been using colorful geometric flashcards to begin learning about different types of lines, angle, and polygons.