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October 2016

Little Miss Muffet

Today, students received a letter from Mother Goose!

After students listened to the letter, they were ready to get to work! They had such creative costume ideas. First, students were given a piece of graph paper where they were asked to sketch their idea for a costume — we explained that designers often used this special paper to design!

Once the students created their sketches and met with a teacher, they were ready to design. Each child was given a spider, and then they used a variety of art materials to create!

To wrap up our project, students took their spiders on a little parade around campus — they even got a piece of candy from Ms. Lita!


Methods Students Teach Math

This week Ms. Sallie, Ms. Amber, Ms. Emilee and our student teacher Ms. Alissa have been working with the children in math. The first day, each group discussed expectations. Now they have each begun to explore numbers in base ten. Ms. Amber’s group is designing their own car and researching costs of parts and mpg. Ms. Sallie’s group is exploring place value through playing different games such as Race to 100 and Fishing for 10s. Through games, Ms. Emilee’s group is also exploring with place value. Ms. Alissa’s group is creating math problems through illustrations.


Class Dojo-Life Values

Students have met their goal of 45 class points!! As a class they voted on whether to save their points or cash them in for a reward. The votes were tallied and the majority ruled to save the points.

Students voted again! This time, they had to decide what they were saving their points for. When it was time for students to vote, they received their ballot from teachers. Then they went to their voting booths. Afterwards, students dropped their votes in the ballot box. The class picture shows how we all celebrated voting together.

The majority ruled….Pajama Party!! We all look forward to when we save up 400 points.


Small Group Measuring 

This week in small group, students have been using friendly monsters to help them learn about number sense. On Tuesday, the students played a game called Monster Count.  Each child was given a die and asked to roll it and count the number of dots.  Then, the students could count out that many monsters and color them in.

On Wednesday, students listened to Ten Little Beasties by Rebecca Emberley and Ed Emberley.  Students were inspired to create their own!  Again, each student was given a die and they got to roll to die to see how many eyes their monster would have.  Then they would roll it again to see how many noses their monster would have, etc.

Today’s small group worked to create a simple monster all together to observe learn how to lay the tiles down to measure. Next, the students worked in pairs to measure their own monsters. They worked extremely well helping each other out and exploring measurement. We came together to record our measurements and to talk about the different sizes of the monsters.


Leaf Pile Fun!

This afternoon, the students had the idea to build a leaf pile to jump in.  They initially started with buckets and shovels, but then we pulled out some of our rakes!  The students worked together to create, “the biggest leaf pile, ever!”  After they made sure the leaf pile was big and fluffy, they took turns jumping in!  The leaf pile even inspired the teachers to incorporate it into closing circle and we played Hide the Child.


Squirrel Inquiry Video

To showcase our knowledge on squirrels, our inquiry group worked to make Lois Elhert inspired headbands and to record the facts they learned. The students have spent the past few weeks learning about where squirrels live, what they eat and how they move around. We spent a lot of time outside observing and studying these little critters! The preschool students gathered twigs, leaves, pine needles and acorns to make their headbands. The facts that the students reordered are as follows:




“Squirrels live in trees and burrows.”


“Squirrels are brown, grey, white and red.”


“Squirrels have bushy tails and sharp claws.”

“Some squirrels glide and some squirrels jump!”



“Squirrels can run 20 miles per hour.”

“Squirrels eat insects, acorns and plants like mushrooms.”


Engineering is Elementary

In Inquiry, the Roman Empire and Incan Empire used the Engineering Design Process last week to design and create aqueducts. There are five steps to the Engineering Design Process; Aqueducts were used in both empires. Below, you can watch both groups as they test their designs.

Fashion Collaboration

We finished our community inquiry study several weeks ago, but we know that remaining active in our Stephens Community will always be a part of who we are at The Children’s School. This morning we traveled to the fashion department where we learned about some of the basic skills needed to sew. We worked with fashion faculty to stitch together a community quilt. They will do the finishing touches and then we will be able to share!

Preschool Squirrel Inquiry!

While our college students are busy working with half of our preschool students on math skills, the other half have been diving deep into a study about squirrels. We began our inquiry by listing out everything we already knew about squirrels. We then went on a walk to see squirrels in action!  We paid attention to how they acted, how they moved and looked to see if we could find out where they lived. Next, the preschool students asked questions about squirrels and we charted all their wonderings .  The teachers used the students’ questions to guide the inquiry.  The students studied where squirrels live and found that tree squirrels live in a drey (nest) typically built of twigs, dry leaves, and grass. The students then collected these materials outside and constructed their very own dreys. Next, students began to explore the different foods that squirrels eat.  The students are currently exploring the acorns outside and looking for different squirrel foods.  Today, we even got to crack open some different types of nuts!

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