To showcase our knowledge on squirrels, our inquiry group worked to make Lois Elhert inspired headbands and to record the facts they learned. The students have spent the past few weeks learning about where squirrels live, what they eat and how they move around. We spent a lot of time outside observing and studying these little critters! The preschool students gathered twigs, leaves, pine needles and acorns to make their headbands. The facts that the students reordered are as follows:




“Squirrels live in trees and burrows.”


“Squirrels are brown, grey, white and red.”


“Squirrels have bushy tails and sharp claws.”

“Some squirrels glide and some squirrels jump!”



“Squirrels can run 20 miles per hour.”

“Squirrels eat insects, acorns and plants like mushrooms.”