This week in small group, students have been using friendly monsters to help them learn about number sense. On Tuesday, the students played a game called Monster Count.  Each child was given a die and asked to roll it and count the number of dots.  Then, the students could count out that many monsters and color them in.

On Wednesday, students listened to Ten Little Beasties by Rebecca Emberley and Ed Emberley.  Students were inspired to create their own!  Again, each student was given a die and they got to roll to die to see how many eyes their monster would have.  Then they would roll it again to see how many noses their monster would have, etc.

Today’s small group worked to create a simple monster all together to observe learn how to lay the tiles down to measure. Next, the students worked in pairs to measure their own monsters. They worked extremely well helping each other out and exploring measurement. We came together to record our measurements and to talk about the different sizes of the monsters.