Today, Dr. Milbre, one of our arts integration specialists, visited the preschool to introduce story telling and sand trays.  She started off having the kids sit in a circle so she could explain the parts of a story.  She said all stories should have a place (setting), people or animals (characters) and a problem (climax)!  Then, Dr. Milbre modeled for the students how to use the sand trays, appropriately.  She explained that they could choose toys from around the room to help tell their stories, but they could only use ten props at a time!  Some of the props included –people, animals, trees, volcanoes, pirates, bridges, and other monuments.   Some students worked with partners and others worked individually to tell their stories. All students were hard at work creating stories that involved characters, setting and a problem. As they worked, their stories unfolded!  Each was unique, different, and exciting. The students then shared their creations and stories with our student teachers and preschool teachers. The kids cannot wait to story tell with the sand trays again.