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January 2017

The Three Little Pigs House Showcase

For the past week, our literacy workshop groups have been planning, designing and building a new house for the three little pigs. We began out week reading different versions of The Three Little Pigs and exploring the different building materials they used to build the straw, stick and brick house. Ms. Lisa, Ms. Alissa and Ms. Jennifer’s groups then got to work making a blue print for a new house for the pigs to live in that would be wolf-proof. The students listed out different supplies they could use around the classroom and included those labels in their plans.

Students worked for three days revising their plans and constructing their houses. Many students discovered how different materials can work together to make strong structures. These students worked extremely hard from planning to building and then finally showing off their hard work. We had a mini-showcase to show off the huoses for the rest of the preschool friends and many of the college students!

Huff and Puff and Blow Your House Down!

This week, students have been studying The Three Little Pigs. On Thursday, students wondered why the First Little Pig’s and the Second Little Pig’s Houses blew down, but the third house made of bricks did not. Students worked together to gather materials found around our classroom and blew them just like the Wolf in the story. Would the wind blow the objects they found? Next. we made a chart sorting the objects that were light enough to be blown down, and those that were too heavy and strong. We discovered that light objects, like the house made of straw and the house made of sticks, can be blown down. But heavy objects, like bricks, are too strong  to be blown down.

Andy discovered the bug counter was too heavy to be blown away!

Beckett tested his lego creation, it was too heavy!!

We tested objects found around the room

The Gingerbread Man Bridge Construction

Friday, Ms. Caroline and Ms. Kait’s groups came together and concluded their fairytale study of the Gingerbread Man. Over the last two weeks, they have listened to several different variations of the Gingerbread Man story ( Gingerbread Girl, Gingerbread Boy, Gingerbread Baby, Gungerbread Cowboy).  In several of the variations, the Gingerbread man encounters the sneaky fox and is offered a ride across the river to escape the characters chasing him/her. This Friday, our students decided they would make the Gingerbread Man a bridge to help him across the river, thus avoiding the sneaky fox! The students were given a multitude of building materials including; straws, snap cubes, string, ribbon, feathers, and cups. Their bridge creations were then tested for strength and durability, the students were excited for the opportunity to help the Gingerbread Man escape the sneaky fox and hungry characters!

Goldilocks and The Three Bears

Students have been working hard this week in Writer’s Workshop as they continue studying fairy tales. Today they had the opportunity to share all the writing they have been doing. They had fun creating their own versions of Goldilocks and The Three Bears and were eager to share their fun, and sometimes silly stories with their peers!

Gingerbread Man

“Run, run, as fast as you can, you can’t catch me, I’m the Gingerbread Man!” We are off and running this week as we are studying fairy tales. We started with The Gingerbread Man, working on comparing similarities and differences in the many variations of this classic children’s tale.  Students are developing a sense of story by sequencing the events of the Gingerbread Man’s escape, and practicing have been practicing number sense. We made our favorite characters out of construction paper, measured their heights in snap cubes, and made masks to wear while reenacting the story. Check out our creations!

Tala, Reuben, Beckett, Riya, Abigail, and Andy make masks of their favorite characters. We see 3 pigs, two foxes, and the little boy!
Measuring our Gingerbread Man characters using snap cubes and graphing the results!
Here we created our favorite characters out of construction paper. We see 2 pigs, a cow, 2 foxes, and the Gingerbread Man!

Diversity Through Literacy

Ms. Mariam’s students used their five senses to draft an “I am from…” poem and created an image in the reader’s mind about where they come from. One student shared, “I am from a home with shiny floors.” They also compared and contrasted families from around the world this week. They used pictures on the windows to tell how the structure, food, or location of a family can relate to us. Families in the pictures represent the countries of Tajikistan, Kuwait, Great Britain, and Ecuador.


Ms. Madison and her group have been exploring diversity and acceptance through characters and shoes. Acceptance is loving and respecting one another despite our differences. As a group they have been looking at the physical appearance and traits of different characters. Each student had a chance to create their own character and determine their traits. They have moved on to looking at the differences within shoes and the feelings those shoes create for them.

Ms. Katelyn and her group have been exploring diversity by looking at and appreciating people’s differences, such as blindness, artistic ability, athletic ability, and people who may be paralyzed. Our focus has been about people who need glasses or are blind. The students have been immersed in books and pictures that help them understand. Douglas, You Need Glasses by Ged Adamson helped students compare and contrast themselves to a fictional character who needed glasses. Students also  listened to Voices in the Park by Anthony Browne without seeing the pictures, so they were given a small moment to experience what someone who was blind would experience.


Ms. Vonder Haar and Ms. James have been exploring diversity through Windows and Mirrors. A mirror book is one that confirms and celebrates your own reality. It is a book that you can easily make connections to. A window book is when we can look into other life experiences and make and build connections to unknown information and/or cultures. We have read several books and discussed which category they would best fit into. Some of the books we have read are Unique Monique by Maria Rousaki, One Green Apple by Eve Bunting and Deep in the Sahara by Kelly Cunnane and Hoda Hadadi. Each book has lead to a discussion where we practice critical thinking and explaining our reasoning.

K/1 Showcase

Bento Boxes with Yoko

Ms. Jenn ignited our study of diversity by reading the book Yoko. Yoko shows how our differences can be displayed within something as simple as our lunch boxes. Ms. Jenn then encouraged students to create a bento box filled with traditional foods eaten by their families.

Character Development: Responsibility & Perseverence

This week we have focused our attention on different character traits such as responsibility and perseverance.


This book gave us the language to explain how we feel that even when we are upset we can’t blame others. We have stand up for our actions and take responsibility. We practiced how to take responsibility through a whole group game and scenarios.

Lucille Ball, Michael Jordan, Walt Disney, Thomas Edison and Abraham Lincoln failed and people doubted them, but they persevered and became the amazing people we know today. Our students had to persevere and work together to make butter in a jar. Our student teachers led a discussion about what perseverance looks like and how to persevere in different situations.



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