Friday, Ms. Caroline and Ms. Kait’s groups came together and concluded their fairytale study of the Gingerbread Man. Over the last two weeks, they have listened to several different variations of the Gingerbread Man story ( Gingerbread Girl, Gingerbread Boy, Gingerbread Baby, Gungerbread Cowboy).  In several of the variations, the Gingerbread man encounters the sneaky fox and is offered a ride across the river to escape the characters chasing him/her. This Friday, our students decided they would make the Gingerbread Man a bridge to help him across the river, thus avoiding the sneaky fox! The students were given a multitude of building materials including; straws, snap cubes, string, ribbon, feathers, and cups. Their bridge creations were then tested for strength and durability, the students were excited for the opportunity to help the Gingerbread Man escape the sneaky fox and hungry characters!