The four Tell Me a Story cards our students explored in this activity

This week, some of our preschool students used one of Ms. Jenn’s favorite tools, Tell Me a Story cards, to tell stories and act out their classmates’ tales. Each student drew a card and shared a story while the other students listened. We briefly reviewed the characters and “what happened,” and then all of the students acted the story out.


This was a great exercise in connecting story to a visual image, and engaging with characters and story structure. But even more than that, by sharing their stories and allowing friends to embody their characters, students are building a sense of empathy and successful collaboration.

A tableau of Jackie’s squirrels and acorns

Through storytelling, our students make predictions and sequence events. By acting their classmates’ stories out, students practice listening skills, interpreting tone, and understanding character.


Whether the story was as simple as “the chicken picked corn and went home to eat it” or as involved as Jackie’s story at the top of this page, our students did an amazing job devising stories, listening, sharing, and acting them out!