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August 2017

Fantastical Literacy

This week we have focused our reading and writing on the genre of fantasy. Topics and activities have included: surrealism, describing slime using adjectives, Creation Station: Aliens, Creation Station: Inventions.





Students accepted NASA’s challenge! As teams, students are researching a specific planet and its environmental conditions. It is their job to decide how human life can thrive and survive on another planet. They have collected resources, taken notes and will soon prepare for a press conference to present their findings and evidence.

Welcome to the Studio!

You may be hearing the students at CSSC talking about something called Studio Time!  with Ms. Vonder Haar.

 During Studio Time, students will learn basic elements of Art, Music, Dance and Drama and develop the 8 Studio Habits of Mind.

1. Develop Craft

2. Engage and Persist

3. Envision

4. Express

5. Observe

6. Stretch and Explore

7. Reflect

8. Understand the Art World

Scissor Safety!

Today, the preschool students talked about the importance of being safe with scissors. They practiced walking safely with scissors and discussed how we ONLY cut paper! The students were then able to cut the paper however they wanted — some cut strips, some cut circles, and others got creative and cut various designs.  It was a great way for students to get comfortable using scissors in the classroom.

Our First Day in Preschool!

We had a terrific first day back to school! The students spent time exploring the classrooms, meeting their peers, and dressing up in costumes! We are excited for a successful school year. 

Our School Family

Our first day of school was a smashing success!
We read the book We Are All Alike, We Are All Different by the Cheltenham Elementary School Kindergarteners. We then got to know one another by drawing portraits with a partner. Together, we created a school family quilt to represent our unique qualities.

 We are all alike. We are all different.

Welcome Back Preschool!

We were so excited to see familiar faces and to meet all our new students, yesterday! This school year is going to be filled with discovery, exploration of new materials, and engaging learning experiences. Our preschool students will begin the school year with a unit on Space in celebration of the solar eclipse!


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