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September 2017

Spaced Out!

We completed our study of outer space by presenting a Mars Welcome Center showcase for families and friends.

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Blues in the Schools- Fruteland Jackson

LCTN6878[1]IMG_1352[1]Students in both Elementary and Preschool have been learning about the blues. Preschool students have been studying soft (piano) and loud (forte) sounds and how to sing and use shaky egg maracas to make music. Elementary students have been studying AAB form (the pattern that most blues music follows) and how to write their own blues lyrics. Today, to culminate our study, we were fortunate to have Fruteland Jackson visit us to play some blues instruments and rehearse with us for our big performance at the Blues in the Schools Family Fest. CSSC students will wear their CSSC t-shirts and perform with Fruteland Jackson at the Stephens Lake Amphitheater. We are excited to share our Classroom Pledge, The Toe-Tappin’ Blues & our new song Mars is Cool!

Play Ball!

Today, preschool students practiced hitting the ball off of a tee! After they hit the ball, they had to run the bases. This is a great way for students to work on gross motor skills!

Park Day!

Last week, preschool students took their first trip to the park! This was a great way for students to continue building friendships with peers! The students also got lots of exercise.

K/1 Showcase

Our first K/1 Showcase was Monday! Check out what students brought in to share with each other.

Photography with Mr. Chase


We were very fortunate to have Mr. Chase Thompson come into our classroom and talk about his experience as a photographer. Mr. Chase is an assistant professor of digital filmmaking at Stephens College and has a passion for helping students find their creative voice through digital filmmaking and photography. During his lesson, he shared these three tips for taking a great photograph: Balance, Rule of 3rd, and Symmetry. After sharing some of his own work, we tried it out! See if you guess which tip our students used in the pictures they took!



Students at CSSC have been studying the art element- line in Studio along with practicing the Studio Habit of Developing Craft. Preschool students may be able to tell you about Larry the Line or sing The Line Song. Some students used marbles and paint to create lines on planets and galaxies. Line sculptures were also created by carefully painting a dab of glue on the ends of strips of paper. Elementary students drew a variety of overlapping lines with warm colored crayons and/or oil pastels and then used cool colored watercolors to complete their artwork. Students reflected afterwards to think about how they developed their craft. They discussed how they used the tools and what they learned about using them. Ask your child about zigzag, horizontal, vertical, and diagonal lines! See if you can find them around your house and in your environment!

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Our full day students had their first showcase and it was a blast! We loved seeing all of the special items the students brought from home. Our students who didn’t bring items walked around and asked questions about the special toys and really enjoyed playing with them! Half day students will have showcase next Friday, September 15th!


Slippery Slime!

This week, our preschoolers made slime!  We started out by listing the ingredients on chart paper. The students then helped add the ingredients and stirred the mixture. This was an excellent way to bring math into a real life experience. The students were introduced to different measuring cups and spoons and were given time to explore. Each student was asked to stir for five seconds — all students worked together to count the number of stirs. When the students finished the slime, some chose to play and create with it, while others chose to enjoy different work time choices.


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