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October 2017

Storytelling & Biographies

We are integrating our inquiry study of America the Great into Literacy. Younger students have identified themselves as stories and created actions to help them remember the elements of storytelling.

The older students have heard stories about Thomas Jefferson, James Madison Hemings, Annie Oakley, and a few Native American chiefs. They took those stories and did a tableau that represented some of the pictures from the stories. Tableau enhances students learning by connecting with the characters and tapping in to the persons personal life.

Methods Students Teach Math

College students and younger students alike were excited and ready for new math groups today! Our Juniors from the Education department began their teaching experience for the next four weeks. All groups are beginning their explorations into Measurement. The pictures below show different small groups exploring topics such as: length with fish, measuring their “half-size”, learning to tell time and intervals of time, and planning a new building for our playground.

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Way Down Yonder at the Pumpkin Patch

Preschool students in studio time yesterday had a special visitor. Ms. Vonder Haar’s sister came to school and played the ukulele. She showed us that a ukulele has a body, neck, head, frets, tuning pegs and a nut. She played original songs and then we all sang a song about the picking up pumpkins at a pumpkin patch! Check out our actions in the video!

Family Fest Blues in the Schools

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