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January 2018

Go, Slow, and Whoa Food Observations

This week, students are learning about nutrition using their eyes, nose, and hands. We made predictions about how the food would feel and smell, and then drew our observations.

Introduction to Media

This week in Literacy, students have been exploring with author’s craft, thoughtful responses with literature and media.

Author’s Craft



Literature Discussions

Introduction to Nutrition!

This week, we started our inquiry into Nutrition. In our small group, we talked about Slow, Go and Whoa foods. Slow foods being those foods you can eat sometimes, Go foods are fruits and veggies that you can eat anytime, and Whoa foods being those foods like treats and desserts. We focused on Go foods on Wednesday and started the process of creating a group stoplight for the students to use as a resource in the classroom. We sorted different food into Slow and Go categories as a group and then counted how many we had in each one. On Friday, we talked about predictions. We made predictions about what we thought would happen if we put an egg in vinegar and left it for 24 hours. This science experiment represents how unhealthy foods can be harmful to our teeth.


Some students drew the egg exploding and some students drew the egg turning into a boat! One student drew the egg exploding and growing!


Some students drew the egg turning into a pizza! Students learned a lot about GO, SLOW and WHOA foods!

Welcome Back!

Preschool students returned from winter break ready to spend time with their friends!  Below you will find pictures of the students at work time.  They are working to build friendships, explore materials in the classroom, and are building problem solving skills with teacher support.

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