This week in Inquiry, we took a step back into the past using a process drama. Students went through the voting process by first filling out a challenging voters application. With restricted resources and no help from peers or teachers, many students found this application overwhelming to complete. Once the application was completed to their best ability and “reviewed”, students were faced with unfair trivia questions that mimicked the literacy laws of 1965. Once students came to the harsh realization that this process was not only unfair, but unconstitutional as well, it sparked a conversation filled with emotions. Students explored the topics of civil rights, discrimination, and empathy. Anyone who was part of this rich conversation walked away with a deeper understanding of that era and a greater appreciation for those who overcame injustice. We wrapped up our discussion by reflecting on the historical progress we have made and reminding ourselves that our role in this process drama does not define who we are.

IMG_1289   IMG_1307Students had their applications “reviewed” and they were given a voter registration card that determined their ability or inablilty to vote.

3     41     2Students explored images, timelines, songs, and other artifacts about various suffrage movements. They were able to paint how this information made them feel and what they were thinking about as they explored.