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March 2018

Beautiful Sculptures Begin

Students took a walk over to our facilities department and collected scraps of wood to help them each create their own, unique sculpture!

After we got back to school, students used glue and paint brushes to begin assembling their structures. Students were able to choose the size and shapes of the wood they wanted to use.

This week, students are using our beautiful materials to decorate their structures! We cannot wait for families to visit our classroom on Friday to see all the beautiful structures — we have a jewelry ship, Ninjago Fort, a haunted house, and much more! Thank you for your support.

Amazing Inquiry


Literacy: This week, students have begun preparing reader’s theater performances. Miss. Daisha’s literacy group has prepared and practiced a comedy Human Body Reader’s Theater performance. Miss. Amber’s literacy group has prepared and practiced a comedy titled “It’s Not Jack and the Beanstalk”. Miss. Sallie’s literacy group has prepared and practiced two puppet show performances. Next Friday we hope to see you and your family here at CSSC to celebrate all the hard work and preparation they have put into their performances.

Math: Miss. Daisha’s mathematicians have been reflecting on their zoo building process along with exploring addition and subtraction. Our transitional preschool friends have been working in stations identifying and writing numbers. Miss Amber’s group has begun exploring with fractions with music notes. Miss. Vonder Haar’s math group has been working with numerators and denominators of fractions.

Inquiry: Diving into the human body, students have been exploring the circulatory or the digestive system. Students working with the circulatory system are working to re-purpose recycled materials in order to create a model of a circulatory system. Older elementary students are working to research and then create a body system of their interest.


Our “Beautiful Stuff” Project has begun!

Tuesday, half of our preschool students opened their bags to begin the process of exploring and sorting all of our “beautiful things!” Each student got to go inside the circle and empty the contents of their bags. Students oohed and ahhed as they discovered what their peers brought.

One of the first comments made was, “That stuff isn’t beautiful!” This was a comment I was hoping for. Because she was right, it wasn’t beautiful by itself — but could we use the other materials to enhance its beauty and to make it into something beautiful?

After each student emptied his/her bag, we began the exploration and sorting process! Some students started collecting jewelry, some were collecting objects by color, and others were trying to find the large cardboard and plastic items. They each contributed to the sorting process and engaged is thoughtful conversations.

We have started adding our “beautiful things” to the shelves in Roxaboxen. We will each be able to use these materials to create beauty and to work on various art projects!

Today, our second group opened their bags.

Tomorrow, our last group with get to see what is inside their bags! Stay tuned.

Digestion is Disgusting

Dr. Younger, a neonalogist, stopped by our classroom yesterday to talk to us about digestion. She presented a demonstration using a peanut butter and jelly sandwich and showed the process it takes for our food to go from our mouth to our rectum.

Absolute Mathness!

Miss Sallie’s group has been exploring number identification this week using a variety of tools in stations. Each day, we had a different set of stations. One station involved the students identifying the number with the corresponding color which helped bring pictures to life. Another station included using manipulatives to count and write numbers. A third station included math games where the students identified numbers 1-20 to complete the game.

Miss. Daisha dove into their Math Menu. Students were able to experience different stations exploring addition, subtraction, creating a zoo, and comparing numbers. After establishing our routine and expectations, students were able to independently choose what they explored during math.

Miss. Amber’s math group has been exploring fractions. First, we created a fraction rap to help us remember where the numerator and denominator are located in the fraction. Then, we practiced equal sharing by cutting fruit and splitting them equally into bags. Each bag ended up having 1/2 an apple, 1/2 a granola bar, and 1/6 a banana. These bags were provided to preschool as a snack. We also practiced creating fractions by creating art with parts of circles. These art pieces were based of off Ed Emberley’s “Picture Pie”. Students cut circles into smaller fractions and labeled the fractions they used for their artwork.

Ms. Vonder Haar’s math group has been exploring fractions. The students used two sided counters to experiment with equivalent fractions. Using the counters as a visual it was easy for students to see that 3/12 was equal to 1/4. Their knowledge of equivalent fractions guided them as they moved into adding and subtracting fractions. They were also introduced to the term greatest common factor.


This week, we continued our diversity unit by discussing our families. We talked about how many people are in our household and found similarities and differences. Copy of Photo Collage – Untitled Design

Each student added to our  bar graph to show the number of people in their home.Snapchat-485312222

The students each were then able to draw the correct number of people that lived in their house. This learning experience led to powerful conversations about the number of people that live in their houses and the students were able to discover that many of their families are alike. Untitled design.jpg

Growing Seeds

A preschool small group explored growing their own seed. They choose the seed without knowing what plant it would grow into. Each student predicted what their seed would go into and then “planted” it in a bag. The seeds have started spouting and will continue to grow in the classroom. The students had previously explored the growing process through their inquiry on gardens and have been excited to see their seed grow.



Diversity-Self portrait

As a pre-assessment, the student’s created a self-portrait indepedently. The students each had a chance to describe themselves through their portraits to their peers. The students participated in a follow up dicussion about the groups similarities and differences. This will lead a our study as we talk about skin color, eye color and hair color.


Our Self-Portraits

This week, as we continued to explore diversity, the students were able to create a self-portrait using various materials. The students tested skin color by using multi-cultural paints to determine their skin color before painting their faces on their self-portrait. Next, we dicussed the different shapes of eyes and mouths. We practiced drawing eyes on the white board and looking at their individual eyes with mirrors. The students are so excited to finish their self-portraits next week by adding hair!



The students will be adding hair next week to complete their self-portraits.


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