Miss Sallie’s group has been exploring number identification this week using a variety of tools in stations. Each day, we had a different set of stations. One station involved the students identifying the number with the corresponding color which helped bring pictures to life. Another station included using manipulatives to count and write numbers. A third station included math games where the students identified numbers 1-20 to complete the game.

Miss. Daisha dove into their Math Menu. Students were able to experience different stations exploring addition, subtraction, creating a zoo, and comparing numbers. After establishing our routine and expectations, students were able to independently choose what they explored during math.

Miss. Amber’s math group has been exploring fractions. First, we created a fraction rap to help us remember where the numerator and denominator are located in the fraction. Then, we practiced equal sharing by cutting fruit and splitting them equally into bags. Each bag ended up having 1/2 an apple, 1/2 a granola bar, and 1/6 a banana. These bags were provided to preschool as a snack. We also practiced creating fractions by creating art with parts of circles. These art pieces were based of off Ed Emberley’s “Picture Pie”. Students cut circles into smaller fractions and labeled the fractions they used for their artwork.

Ms. Vonder Haar’s math group has been exploring fractions. The students used two sided counters to experiment with equivalent fractions. Using the counters as a visual it was easy for students to see that 3/12 was equal to 1/4. Their knowledge of equivalent fractions guided them as they moved into adding and subtracting fractions. They were also introduced to the term greatest common factor.