Literacy: This week, students have begun preparing reader’s theater performances. Miss. Daisha’s literacy group has prepared and practiced a comedy Human Body Reader’s Theater performance. Miss. Amber’s literacy group has prepared and practiced a comedy titled “It’s Not Jack and the Beanstalk”. Miss. Sallie’s literacy group has prepared and practiced two puppet show performances. Next Friday we hope to see you and your family here at CSSC to celebrate all the hard work and preparation they have put into their performances.

Math: Miss. Daisha’s mathematicians have been reflecting on their zoo building process along with exploring addition and subtraction. Our transitional preschool friends have been working in stations identifying and writing numbers. Miss Amber’s group has begun exploring with fractions with music notes. Miss. Vonder Haar’s math group has been working with numerators and denominators of fractions.

Inquiry: Diving into the human body, students have been exploring the circulatory or the digestive system. Students working with the circulatory system are working to re-purpose recycled materials in order to create a model of a circulatory system. Older elementary students are working to research and then create a body system of their interest.