Our artist of the day on Thursday was Eric Ordway. He is local graduate student who studies pottery. He demonstrated the steps it takes to create art on a wheel. He began by centering the clay on his wheel. Next, he drilled a hole in the center using his thumbs. H He then used the palm of his hands to create the sides of his clay. Finally, he used a cutting wire to remove the art from the wheel.  Eric talked about how he uses the Studio Habits of Mind to create his artwork. He often has to use Engage and Persist when working on a wheel. After his demonstration, he gave each student a small piece of clay. He guided us through the steps of making a pinch pot. Afterwards, we Stretched and Explored with the clay by transforming our pinch pots into an animal of our choosing! Next week, we will go on a field trip to Sager Braudis Gallery where Eric will have his artwork on display!

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