This Wednesday, we were super fortunate to welcome local artists Olivia and Emma Burney. These two talented musicians are 13 and 10 years old. They have worked really hard with the help of their mother April Burney to perform over 100 gigs. Together they are known as The Burney Sisters. They play cover songs and originals and are on the lineup for The Roots N Blues N BBQ Festival this fall. They shared how they use the Studio Habits of Mind. They have to Engage and Persist when practicing, Envision original compositions, Understand the Art World to navigate the performance lifestyle, Develop Craft by training their voice and perfecting how to play their instruments and Express how they are feeling through their music. Check out their original song Plastic that they played for us today! For more information about when they are performing around Columbia and to hear some of their music check out their Facebook page The Burney Sisters.