Preschool students have been engaged in a study where they are exploring the people that make up their families.  They have charted the number of people in their families and created paper families.  Today, students were given the challenge to build a house for their family members.  They could choose to build a house by themselves or could work with peers to create a house large enough to fit multiple families.

Students got creative and used many different materials in the classroom: blocks, Magna-Tiles, books, chairs, paper, tape, Lincoln Logs, Play-Doh, and much more!  Checkout the photos below to see the various types of houses built. #BecauseofArtsEd #ArtsEdWeek

Henry built his house out of paper

Finley used blocks for her family

Some students wanted their families to stand so decided to use Play-Doh

Nate used the house building connectors

James, Fletcher, and Kalen decided to build a house together

Skyler used the house building materials

Maddox built a paper house

Ben used blocks

Masato used blocks

Kourtney and Masato decided to work together

Ben’s family fit!

Hard at work

Project complete

Walter decided to help Masato and Kourtney

Fletcher decided their house needed a roof in case it rained

Anna used house connectors

Briji used a variety of materials

“Big House” is complete

They are very proud

Greyson made bricks using Play-doh

Will worked with Magna-Tiles

Quinn used Magna-Tiles

Mariyam worked with our magnetic connectors

Marvel also explored using the Magna-Tiles