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October 2018

Math Can Be . . .

Math can be dancing, exploring, writing, investigating, collaborating, talking, organizing, drawing and questioning. This week we started our study of geometry in math. As you can see in the photos above, geometry can be taught many different ways.


We Love Literacy!

Our literacy time is the busiest part of our day! We read, write, learn new skills, collaborate, illustrate and talk about literacy. Here’s a peep inside our literacy time this week:

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Exploring Geometry and Glitter

Today, during our afternoon worktime, students were invited to explore shapes and glitter.  First, students chose a shape they were interested in and traced it on a piece of paper.  After tracing their shapes, they went to the glitter table where they added glue and glitter.  Students were engaged in conversations about shapes, colors, and practiced using manners as they ask for the various materials.

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