Which statement is more helpful and motivating in the classroom?

“Be quiet.” or “Show you are in control of your voice.”

“Pay attention.” or ” What should your focal point be right now?”

Certainly, the latter two are more motivating and encouraging. Students in elementary will be learning to use the tools in the actor’s toolbox found in Sean Layne’s Acting Right to respond to these statements. Teachers will be creating an environment for students to use their reflective brain instead their reactive brain.Screen Shot 2019-08-22 at 8.28.04 PM

When students use their reflective brain, true learning can take place. Students will learn to develop the following skills found in their toolbox to use the reflective side of their brain. By practicing behaviors, students gain control over their choices and and choose how to react. These are our classroom expectations also known as the actor’s toolbox.

Control my BODY.

Control my VOICE.




These tools will be practiced daily to help students take ownership of and be responsible for their own behavior while building the skills necessary to establish a sense of self control, accountability, and team building in the classroom. These activities are theater based and support the mission of CSSC to integrate the arts across the curriculum.

We also add one more expectation in the spirit of valuing the dignity and worth in all people:


Each morning, we practice and review our 6 expectations. Throughout this semester, we will build upon the actor’s toolbox, bringing in acting games, improv, cooperation challenges, and concentration circles.

Ask your child to show you to motions that go with each expectation in the toolbox. Ask your child in various situations which tool is helpful to practice. For example, when she is bouncing off the walls, ask “Are you in control of your body? Let’s do the body motion together.” Engage you child in practicing right behaviors instead of reacting to what is wrong.

As always, feel free to drop by during morning meeting as see what the actor’s toolbox is all about. We are honored to get to work with your child. Please let us know if you have questions or if we can help you in any way.