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Strawberry Shortcake

Cooking in the classroom is fun, and tasty! Students worked carefully together to cut up strawberries and shortcake for our afternoon snack.


Layer bits of shortcake in a dish and top with cut strawberries. Pour strawberry jello over the top and refrigerate. When jello solidifies, top with vanilla pudding and cool whip. ENJOY!




We kicked off our weather study by discussing our favorite types of weather. Snowy and sunny were top choices. For small group, students learned how clouds fill up with water from the ocean and then burst open to produce rain.

The students simulated this by using a plastic cup, water, shaving cream, and blue food coloring. Unfortunately, our morning outside time was cut short due to a thunderstorm. The students now think that their teachers have magic powers because we talked about rain today, and it actually rained! We are extremely excited to learn more about the weather. Missouri is the perfect location for this unit of study!


Honalee Scientists

Honalee has hit a gold mine. We are all scientists! Today, Miss Emily introduced the magnifying glasses into our science center. We have discovered attributes of different types of seeds and beans and are even growing our own plants. We encourage you to ask your little scientist all about our natural world.







The full day preschool classroom is WACKY this Wednesday. We’re reading Dr. Seuss, eating green eggs, making “Oobleck”, and having all sorts of wacky fun!


Kaley wears a silly wig.



Shoes on the window???20140312-102030.jpg


Kellen makes “Oobleck” goo.20140312-102100.jpg

Do you like green eggs and ham? Corinne does!20140312-102111.jpg

Rowan and Elliott give the green eggs two thumbs up!20140312-102116.jpg

Corinne and Jacob enjoy a math game inspired by One Fish, Two Fish, Red Fish, Blue Fish20140312-102146.jpg

Caleb and Taylor join in on the fun20140312-102309.jpg

When life gives you oranges…

Honalee students experiment with their snacks. They had fun squeezing out the delicious sweet juice!

Hot Lava!

A volcano has erupted in Honalee and we there is hot lava everywhere! The kids work together to stay out of the hot lava.


Tea Tasting for England

Students used their sense of smell and taste to describe five different flavored teas. The apple cinnamon flavor was a favorite and everyone enjoyed pretending the mint flavored tea had chocolate with it.
Educational and delicious!



Fairy tales

This week in Honalee, we are taking a closer look at some of our favorite fairy tales. We look forward to learning more about castles and royalty as well as exploring the age old question, “Are princesses real?”

This is a great time to visit old favorites, like Puff the Magic Dragon, and learn about some new and different fairy tales, like Rachel Isadora’s Rapunzel!




Investigate and Discover!

This week was all about scientific discoveries. We learned how scientists ask questions, then try to find the answers by looking closely at things and testing out their ideas. 20140116-140003.jpgStudents used observation skills to record the differences in seeds at the sensory table.20140116-140033.jpgSome seeds were so small, we needed to get a close look by using the magnifying glass. This gave us a more accurate picture of what we were seeing. 20140116-140129.jpgClipboards are handy tools for scientists. 20140116-140301.jpgQuestion: What kind of objects will roll down a ramp and how far will they go?

Our hypothesis: “If you put a rolling pin on the side, it will roll the farthest.” 

“A wooden bead will go the farthest because it is round like the wheel on a car.” 

“A round connector will roll the farthest.”

Students enjoyed testing all of their ideas. Annabelle came to the conclusion that heavier objects went faster because they had more energy. A very scientific discovery!

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