What is Revision to you as an author?

“Revision. A difficult thing, but purposeful. At first it is something you want to neglect, but then you learn to appreciate. Now I understand why you need to revise.”-Maggie (10)

“Revision is something hard for me to do because I sometimes don’t want to change my story.” -Konrad (10)

“Revision is very difficult, but you feel good once it’s done. As a writer I say after all of the hard work, it’s worth it. So if you’re an early writer or just a writer, I advise that you revise your work.” -Leo (10)

“Revision is difficult because you want to be right the first time.” -Michael P. (10)

“I like revision because it helps you read my work.” -Jaylon (10)

“Revision is not just going back and correcting. It’s making sure that your imagination is correct on paper.” -Kaylee (10)

“Revision may be hard, but it is what’s right.” -Michael K. (9)

“Revision is the art of going back and checking your work for spelling, punctuation, and other mistakes.” -Eric (11)


Storytelling: Story Starters

Theme: Ghost Story 

Once, in a haunted house, there was a ghost with one white and one black eye.

by Eden (7) & Abe (8)


Theme: An Animal

Once upon a time, there was a tiger with no parents so she was raised by monkeys.

by Dylan (5) & Jeanne (6)


Theme: Mystery

We went into the woods and the woods wanted to answer.

by Elliott (7) & Avery (6)